Victim 2 Victor by Anu Verma- Discussion Questions

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Cover of Book: Victim 2 Victor by Anu Verma. A true and inspirational story about healing from abuse.

Can there be healing from sexual abuse?

Rape is one thing that all women fear. It is a sad fact that rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse take place worldwide, regardless of status, class, or age. It is also not only limited to women, and children are especially at risk. It is also horrible to think that in most cases of sexual offences, the victim knows the culprit.

To stop this vicious cycle, it is important to create awareness and spread the word that healing is possible. And that this cycle does not have to continue from generation to generation.

In Victim 2 Victor Anu Verma shares with us her own story of rape and sexual abuse. The long-term effects and trauma it had on her, and the multiple strategies that she used to heal.

Here are some discussion questions if you are reading this book as part of a book club.

Discussion Questions

1. Analyse the title of the book.

The title of the book is Victim 2 Victor. Why do you think the author chose this title? After reading the book, do you think the title is appropriate?

2. Pick a quote that resonates with you. Why were you drawn to these words in particular?  

3. Discuss some of the ethical questions the book raises.  

For example, think about the Indian tradition that you don’t talk about your feelings. How does this affect healing from sexual trauma? And how does it prevent finding justice for the victims?

4. Has this book changed the way you see the world?

5. Sometimes the author will include themselves in the book, known as narrative nonfiction.

In the first part of the book, the author tells her own story of abuse. Did you think this adds to the value of the book? Did the author manage to express her experiences and feelings well? Did you manage to get a glimpse into her life and experiences with abuse?

6. What parts of the book did you Google to learn more about?   

Did you try to learn more about the author? Did you Google to learn more about the strategies and techniques in this book, e.g., Reiki, meditation, Buddhism? Or did you look for statistics and facts about rape and abuse?                 

7. If you could have anybody read this book after your recommendation, who would it be? Who needs this book in their life and why?

8. What was your first reaction to the book after finishing it?  

9. What questions would you ask the author?

10. Most of the practices the author used for healing, originates from Asian religion and culture. Coming from a Western cultural and religious perspective, would you be open to using these techniques?

Yes, or No? Discuss your motivation.

Suggest alternatives from Western cultures and religion

I hope you and your group had a good session delving a bit deeper in this book. Help to create awareness about rape and abuse by sharing and reviewing this book on your social media platforms.

Victim 2 Victor: Bonus Content

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