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Anu Verma, the author of Victim 2 Victor, was born in Coventry (England) but also lived in Manchester and Bournemouth. She holds a BSc Honors in Physiology and Health and an MSc Degree in Sports Science. Her Cambridge Qualifications enables her to teach English as a foreign language.

Being of Indian heritage, sharing of feelings is frowned upon. In Victor 2 Victim Anu shares her journey from her first-time abuse at age three, ongoing through her adult life, up until the point that she could come forward and tell the truth. This is where her healing started. She shares with us the effects of abuse and trauma in her life, as well as the many different strategies she employed to bring her from Victim to Victor!

Eleven Quotes from Victim 2 Victor

One: Anu about the effect abuse had on her self-esteem

“Myself at sixteen, I didn’t feel so worthy, and I had put on weight because of overeating and secret-eating. It was my way of comfort to cover the pain that I felt inside as I had suffered sexual, physical, and mental abuse as a child and which continued into my teenage years, and as a young adult.”

Kindle Locations 94-972

Two: Anu about not being able to talk about the abuse prevents healing

“When I finally told my parents what he had been doing to me, I was instructed to act as if nothing had happened. I know now that this was wrong to push these incidents “under the carpet.” Being unable to acknowledge and to talk about the abuse were two of the principal reasons I struggled for so many years to heal myself.”

Kindle Locations 102-1033.

Three: Anu about different feelings experienced due to abuse

“Until I was strong enough to seek the therapy I needed from a dedicated professional, I was overwhelmed by fear, distrust, rejection, low self-esteem, being powerless, and isolated. These thoughts and emotions ran through my mind almost continuously, from when I was three.”

Kindle Locations 110-111

Four: Anu about the childhood she never had

“As a child, you have the right to be cared for, protected, and loved. When I was only three or four years of age, I no longer felt safe, and my innocence had been taken away from me.”

Kindle Locations 176-177

Five: Anu about the hold the abusers have over you

“I let it happen, without knowing that I had a choice. It made me feel empty on the inside as if I had exposed my inner self to the world, and it was very raw. I realize now that I played right into his shame. The more ashamed I felt, the more power he had over me. I was living in a dark place. I no longer smiled and laughed. Yet, no one seemed to know or understand what was wrong with me or even care.”

Kindle Locations 193-195

Six: Anu about abused children do not understand what is happening to them

“Even if I didn’t know precisely why it was wrong, I developed emotional problems that have haunted me my entire life. I suffered low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness, and a distorted view of sex. I became withdrawn and mistrustful of adults.”

Kindle Locations 228-229

Seven: Anu about keeping abuse secret prevents the healthy development of a child

“I know now that hiding the actions of an abuser gives a child a higher risk of suffering from anxiety symptoms, depression, and the risk of suicide attempts. These psychological problems can disrupt a child’s healthy development and have a lasting impact. Sexually abused children are often dysfunctional and distressed well into adulthood.”

Kindle Locations 237-239

Eight: Anu about abuse cause developmental trauma

“I have since been diagnosed as suffering from developmental trauma because of this abuse, which can affect healthy brain development — also emotional, physical, social, and cognitive performance.”

Kindle Locations 264-266)

Nine: Anu about suicide and depression

“My depressive symptoms were severe. They ranged from prolonged sadness to changes in my sleep pattern. I suffered from anger, agitation, and anxiety. I was pessimistic and indifferent. I thought about death a lot, including suicide. I felt guilty and worthless. I was crying out for love, and the true light within me to burn brighter. I knew that it could if the right person found me.”

Kindle Locations 410-413

Ten: Anu about her first feeling of recognition

“My first ever feeling of recognition as someone with worth, came when I won in court. I had regained my power after it had been lost in yet another harmful relationship. I hadn’t ever experienced this feeling before, and I wanted to feel this way so much more.”

Kindle Locations 1170-1172

Eleven: Anu from Victim 2 Victor

“I am complete and grounded. No matter what I have been through, I am still here. I have a long history of victory. My name is Anu. I am a Victor – Not a victim.”

Kindle Locations 3613-3614

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Further Information about Victim 2 Victor

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