Twisty Tales, Vol 1 by F.J. Beerling and V.A. Bryce

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Outrageously funny, page-turning tales full of delicious deceit and delightful disasters with a twist!

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F.J. Beerling started writing in 2014 and currently has eighteen published titles. She has received recognition for her writing from various sources. The Ministry of Defense, Her Majesty the Queen, and Martin Turnbull (former president of Australia), to name a few.  

VA Bryce stayed in touch with his inner child and love to make people laugh. He uses these skills to create entertaining stories for children.

Lucy Gilbert is the digital illustrator of Twisty Tales. She gets inspired by visiting coastal locations in the U.K., where she likes to paint pebbles and enjoying the view.


Twisty Tales, Vol. 1 is a collection of three humorous short stories.

Dinner Lady Doris

Dinner Lady Doris is in charge of the kitchen of Teachem Well Junior High, but she is also the undisputed cooking and baking champion of the town. That is, until the arrival of Betty Bakewell. It angers Doris when she loses against Betty in the ‘Perfect Puff Pastry Pie-off.’ She is so angry that the children had to eat the most horrible slop the following week at school.

Today’s menu choices were snot souffle, real toads in the hole, and maggot meringue for dessert.

[email protected] Twisty Tales vol 1 print format v6 (Kindle Locations 108-109). Kindle Edition.

But Doris will do whatever it takes to win against Betty and starts to spy on her. In this way, she discovers and reveals Betty’s dark secret. The following week the children were happy to eat Doris’s delicious meals again.

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Miserable Headmaster

Mr. Jolly doesn’t live up to his name. He is miserable and quick to blow up. The only time Mr. Jolly is happy is when he can hand out detention slips. His wife, the teachers, and children fear his moods, which deteriorates when he doesn’t get his way.

Mr. Jolly carried on skidding and sliding down the school corridors, dishing out detention slips as he went.

[email protected] Twisty Tales vol 1 print format v6 (Kindle Locations 315-316). Kindle Edition.

That is until his mother arrives for a visit, and Mr. Jolly gets some of his own medicine. It wasn’t long before Mr. Jolly has learned his lesson and becomes the jolly person his name makes him out to be.

Bored Brian

Brian Windypants often gets bored. And when Brain gets bored, he gets bad – too awful!

All the people of the village suffered from his bad behaviour. He does terrible things like mixing up the magazine deliveries. Or he let the pets out from their cages at the pet shop and even puts glue on the chalk at school. But even worse is what he did in church.

He waited until everyone had knelt to pray, and then Brian did a terrible thing. He let off several stink bombs before making a quick exit through the side door and out into the churchyard. And the fresh air!

[email protected] Twisty Tales vol 1 print format v6 (Kindle Locations 459-461). Kindle Edition.

But when he gets hold of an old remote and destroys their televisions, the villagers had enough. They held a meeting, and together with Brian’s mother, they come up with a plan to teach Brian a lesson. He soon finds out it is no fun being at the receiving end of his horrible deeds. So, Brian promised never to be bad again when he gets bored.

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My Take on Twisty Tales, Vol 1

Children will enjoy Twisty Tales because they can identify with the characters and the school environment. Each story has several chapters, with headings to explain what to expect in that chapter. The use of descriptive language brings the events alive. You may find yourself drooling over Doris’s delicious creations or shiver in fear of Mr. Jolly and his detention slips.

The illustrations help to make the events more visual, and some of them are pretty funny by themselves. The authors manage to draw you into the stories from the start, and you can’t wait to find out what will happen to Dinner Lady Doris, Mr. Jolly, and Bored Brian. 

Should you get Twisty Tales, Vol 1 for your child?

Everybody enjoys a good laugh. You and your child will share many laughs while reading Twisty Tales. It is a book that both children and parents will enjoy, and it might become a favourite to read many times.

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Did your child enjoy the book? Please let us know in the comments!

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