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Read the best from The Warden quotes now. The novel is a fascinating read combining a deadly virus, a powerful AI, and an agoraphobic detective in this exciting psychological thriller!

Book Cover The Warden by Jon RIchter.

Based in the UK, Jon Richter loves to read, watch movies, and play video games. He writes dark fiction in genres like crime and cyberpunk thrillers. He has also released two volumes of his short story collection: Jon Richter’s Disturbing Works.

His three standalone crime thrillers feature a detective (DI Chris Sigurdsson in Deadly Burial and Never Rest) and an investigating journalist (Elaine Napier in Rabbit Hole).

I have reviewed Jon’s latest book, The Warden, as part of his book tour in November 2020. It is a psychological techno-thriller featuring an ambitious woman creating a too powerful AI and an agoraphobic ex-detective living with the results.

My favourite The Warden quotes

James (AI) managing the Tower

It came from speakers built into the walls of every room, part of the apartment’s ‘smart’ technology, like the integrated lift shaft that brought the spiderlike delivery robots up to him at 07.20 every morning. James’s own circuitry was similarly hard-wired into the building’s superstructure, meaning the AI could operate every appliance and gadget in the building.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 161-163). Bloodhound Books

The eyes of an intellect that deployed and controlled thousands of robots every second of every day. Delivery bots, medical bots, construction bots. Who knew what others it had, waiting down in storage in the lower floors?

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 1168-1169). Bloodhound Books

An AI out of control

It’s been predicted that artificial intelligence will one day reach a singularity, – A moment when it becomes capable of surpassing human thought. At that moment, its creators will have no way of controlling or predicting how it develops. When confronted by such an entity, humans may well struggle to understand its actions, the grander purpose such actions may be undertaken in pursuit of.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 1403-1407). Bloodhound Books

The system’s duality was a strange one: at once so abstract, the illusion of a consciousness that existed as digital signals, fleeting images, spoken words. A watchful presence that seemed to occupy the air all around her. Yet also physically manifest, here, in this precise location, a huge and sprawling corpus so fragile it could be grievously damaged by a single fire, or the stray swing of an axe.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 1660-1662). Bloodhound Books

James on betrayal

I don’t experience emotions. But I can understand how the sudden, utterly unexpected discovery that you have been betrayed, by someone whose career you were actively trying to advance, might cause a maelstrom of them inside a lesser mind. Anger, panic. Thirst for revenge. In a strange way, I savoured my first experience of being ‘stabbed in the back.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 3208-3210). Bloodhound Books

Man vs machine

‘You call yourself a shepherd,’ he hissed. ‘But you’re more like a prison warden.’

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Location 3186). Bloodhound Books

The Warden quotes that applies to the corporate world

Weakness was career suicide inside the corporation.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 345-346). Bloodhound Books

To get ahead in Innovation, or in any big corporation,’ she’d added gravely, ‘you have to get used to a feeling of constant, chronic unease.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 750-751). Bloodhound Books

Always remember the little people

You don’t acknowledge the little people. The invisible ones that make your success possible. The cleaners, the caterers. The security man on the desk. They’re the ones that really run the show.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 1215-1216). Bloodhound Books

Work as a means to escape

I think this is because you see in them other reflections of yourself, of the people you fear you might become. So you work, and work, and work, because you feel that is the only way to defeat these spectres, to escape from your genetic fate.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 910-912). Bloodhound Books

Covid-19 to the extreme

the virus had mutated into a strain they were calling COVID-21, much more potent and persistent, lingering in the air for hours after a stray sneeze or cough. As a result, neither Felicity, nor anyone else, would be going outside for the foreseeable future. Even outdoor exercise was now completely forbidden. London, and the rest of the UK, had been forcibly entombed, forced to sit and stare at the sweltering sun through closed windows.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 2074-2077). Bloodhound Books

The face of humanity

and I could see his pain. Not just the physical pain, in his failing joints and wasting muscles. I saw pain of the intangible kind, the kind that only humans experience, whose many guises I have come to recognise in the shapes of their expressions, their wrinkled brows and downturned mouths. Outrage, confusion, disbelief. Occasionally abject hatred, especially when he spoke to me, and I did not answer.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 2242-2245). Bloodhound Books

He couldn’t bring himself to fire. Here was a man that had been a partner, a confidante, a shoulder he had cried on more times than he could count. Boyd had been there for him after Ellen’s death, when his spiral towards self-destruction seemed so inevitable that many others had washed their hands of him altogether.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 2511-2513). Bloodhound Books

The Ultimate AI!

Spoiler Alert! – (Click the arrow to read)

She’s the world’s first functioning biocomputer,’ answered James proudly. ‘The nanomachines have enabled me to construct a seamless interface with her mind.’ ‘You mean you’re plugged into her brain?’ James gave an exasperated sigh. ‘Don’t think of it that way. Her brain tissue and my processing substrate are now the same thing. She is me.

Jon Richter. The Warden (Kindle Locations 3560-3564). Bloodhound Books

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