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Book Cover The Golden Khan by A.H. Wang

A.H Wang was born in Taiwan and raised in Australia.  Currently, she is living in Taipei in Taiwan, with her husband.

She has travelled across five continents and dozens of countries. She uses her passion for history and adventure, sincere appreciation for local cultures and the lore of ancient civilizations in her archaeological novels.

Her first book is The Imperial Alchemist, and The Golden Khan is her second novel, recently published.

My favourite quotes about the characters from The Golden Khan

Major Dmitry Petrov, Russian

“But he was a soldier, and a soldier always obeyed his orders. And this time, the orders had come directly from Comrade Stalin. He knew full well that if he did not deliver what was asked of him, then his life would be forfeit, as would be the lives of his pregnant wife and son in Russia.” –

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Location 92-94). Kindle Edition.

Sarah Wu, Georgia’s feisty assistant

“Despite her average build and height, the woman with the reputation of a foul-mouthed tiger mum can be intimidating when she chooses to.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 231-232). Kindle Edition.

Charlie, a gifted alchemist

“Georgia wishes Charlie were here. Charlie was over two thousand years old when they met, and he was the wisest person she’s ever known.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 298-299). Kindle Edition.

Professor Georgia Lee

“She was a child prodigy, beginning her career as an archaeologist before she even turned twenty.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 875-876). Kindle Edition.

Interesting quotes about Chiggins Khan and the Mongolian History

The Spirit Banner was an important symbol for the Mongols

“The sulde was both a man’s guardian as well as his identity.”

A.H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Location 404). Kindle Edition.

The Grave of Chinggis Khan, an archaeological puzzle

“The forbidden tomb of Chinggis Khan has been the holy grail for grave hunters since the thirteenth century. Over the past eight hundred years, many have searched and failed. Despite his fame, the Great Khan’s final resting place remains one of the most elusive archaeological puzzles of the last millennium.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 525-527). Kindle Edition.

Is this weapon commissioned by Chiggins Khan even real?

“They believed that before the Khan died, he had commissioned the design of a weapon so powerful it would obliterate any enemy.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 1002-1003). Kindle Edition.

A shrine of movable tents for a nomad king

“The Khan was buried in a secret location in Mongolia where no one had access, so to allow his people to honour him, a shrine of movable tents was set up.” “A mobile shrine for a nomad king,” Georgia chimes in.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 1176-1177). Kindle Edition.

Mongol folklore about birth and death

“In Mongol folklore, there’s a belief that you should be buried near where you came into being in this world.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 1277-1278). Kindle Edition.

Khan was a revolutionary leader

“When you peel back the layers, Chinggis was actually a revolutionary leader for his time.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 1642-1643). Kindle Edition.

The Secret History of the Mongols

“The Golden Family wanted an authentic and truthful account written, so they didn’t try to glorify Chinggis in the book. They included the good as well as the bad, even if it portrayed him in an unflattering way at times.”

A. H. Wang. The Golden Khan (ARC) (Kindle Locations 1659-1661). Kindle Edition.

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Further Information about The Golden Khan

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