The Algorithm by William Knight

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I’m fascinated by science and tech; its potential, its problems, its misuse and most specifically how it affects people. And for all its enormous impact, we didn’t vote for it. It simply arrived when some giant firm said so. But there has never been a more relevant time to explore our relationship with technological progress and the benefits we have been sold.

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Language: English

Print Length: 193pages

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Publication Date: 30 April 2021

Categories: Technothriller | Psychological Thriller | Conspiracy Thriller

Trigger Warnings: Profanity | Deity Swears | Death | Occult & Superstition

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William Knight has written for publications like the Financial Times, BBC, and others. He has published three novels: The Donated, XYZ, and The Algorithm. His books focus on the impact of technology use on individuals and families, exploring this theme from various human angles. Although we should make the best use of the available technology, we also need to be aware of its impact on our health and sanity. 

He loves to hear from his readers, so feel free to contact him on social media through the links provided above. 

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