Victim 2 Victor by Anu Verma- Discussion Questions

Cover of Book: Victim 2 Victor by Anu Verma. A true and inspirational story about healing from abuse.

Can there be healing from sexual abuse?

Rape is one thing that all women fear. It is a sad fact that rape, sexual assault, and sexual abuse take place worldwide, regardless of status, class, or age. It is also not only limited to women, and children are especially at risk. It is also horrible to think that in most cases of sexual offences, the victim knows the culprit.

To stop this vicious cycle, it is important to create awareness and spread the word that healing is possible. And that this cycle does not have to continue from generation to generation.

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Victim 2 Victor by Anu Verma – Bonus Content

Cover of Book: Victim 2 Victor by Anu Verma

Anu Verma, the author of Victim 2 Victor, was born in Coventry (England) but also lived in Manchester and Bournemouth. She holds a BSc Honors in Physiology and Health and an MSc Degree in Sports Science. Her Cambridge Qualifications enables her to teach English as a foreign language.

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