Lizzie’s Dream Journal by Charlie King

Lizzie’s Dream Journal shows how journalling can help us to deal with our emotions after we’ve experienced loss or trauma.

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It wasn’t until she went upstairs to her room that she checked the journal out. The padded leather cover around the book felt nice to touch. “If you can write it, dream it,” read the raised words on the front cover.

CAAB Publishing. Lizzie’s Dream Journal Formatted (Kindle Locations 194-196). Kindle Edition.

Book cover of Lizzie's Dream Journal by Charlie King.

Charlie King lives in London and has started writing at an early age. He considers writing to be a hobby.

On his blog, Charlie reviews books, TV shows and films. He also writes satirical articles and his observations of his life as an author. He works as a legal assistant, and when he is not writing, he relaxes by watching TV or playing video games.

Charlie published his first book in 2017. Lizzie’s Dream Journal is his third book, published in December 2020.

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