Your Child and Optimal Language Development in the Preoperational Stage

Congrats. Your child finished her first day of nursery school.

Your child is walking, and you are always on the go, running after her. You consider sending her to nursery school to develop her social skills. But more important, for the benefits of cognitive and language development. It happens through proper stimulation and exposure to various learning activities. 

The development of language skills for effective communication and reading skills for future academic success is critical. Studies show that the level of language development at age two influences future academic success. But even more critical, language development is a more crucial factor for school readiness than your career or income status. 

The preoperational stage is the second stage of Jean Paiget’s learning development model.  But as pointed out in previous articles, parents should use it as a guideline only. Children can pass through these stages at different ages. They can even show characteristics of more than one stage at any time. 

It is important to note that  the following does not change:

  • Cognitive development always takes place in the order defined by Piaget.
  • A child cannot skip any of these stages.
  • Each stage leads to new intellectual abilities and more complex thinking and understanding of her world.
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