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Saving Grace is a psychological thriller with a twist. A woman suspects her husband is trying to kill her, and she writes a book to expose him

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“The main thing to remember about my work is that I am NOT one of my characters. For example, as a real estate broker, I’ve never played Bondage Bingo in one of my empty listings or offed one of my problem clients.”

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Saving Grace by DM Barr

D.M Barr is a salesperson, wife, mother, and rescuer of senior shelter dogs. The author lives near York City and writes at night. She has experience in travel (marketing and journalism), public relations, and real estate. She is an award-winning magazine writer and editor. Her two previous books, Expired Listings and Slashing Mona Lisa, are available on Amazon.

Her newest book is Saving Grace: A Psychological Thriller.

Saving GraceSummary

Grace Pierrepoint Rendell

Grace Pierrepoint Rendell is the only child of a billionaire, Barrington Pierrepoint. Since her childhood Grace suffered from nightmares, visions, and paranoia. During her first stay as a child at Grasmere, a mental institution, she becomes a patient of Dr Emma Leighmann, acting as both her therapist and psychiatrist.

“That’s unusual. Most doctors either counsel or prescribe, not both.”

D.M. Barr. Saving Grace (Kindle Locations 6535-6536). Black Rose Writing.

Grace hates the medication that she must take daily as it makes her feel constantly lethargic and confused. She receives little support from her husband Eliott, or their two sons Xander and Damian. Grace feels progressively out of touch with reality and controlled by her husband. Every time she expresses her emotions Grace is told to see her therapist, and if she stood up for herself, she might very well land up at Grasmere.

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Paranoid, or not?

She suspects that her husband, Eliot, is planning to kill her for her inheritance once her ailing father dies but doubt herself because of her paranoia diagnosis. Is even her therapist involved in her husband’s scheme? When she stops taking her medicine, she finds that her mind is much clearer, and she writes a book to save her from her husband. She enlists a famous author, Lynn Andrews, to help her with the book.

Who murdered Lynn?

“Oh my God. Grace. Oh my God. What the hell have you done?”

D.M. Barr. Saving Grace (Kindle Location 244-245). Black Rose Writing.

When her brother Hack finds Grace standing over the body, she is in a race against time to prove her innocence and ensure her book is available in the market before her father dies after his recent stroke.

As her investigation progresses with the help of some new friends, Grace discovers that there is more involved in the plot against her than she has ever imagined. But her persistence pays off, and she brings the culprits to justice.

What did I love?

I love the way the author keeps you wondering about Grace’s state of mind. Is Grace just paranoid and delusional, or is there really a conspiracy against her? Grace’s determination to uncover the conspiracy leave no stone unturned. She must find creative solutions to get away from her husband so that she can write her book and consult with Lynn regarding her progress.

And not so much?

I hate the way Eliot and her sons are treating Grace. Even though they are just following the example of their father, he should not allow them to do so. It is horrifying to think that her therapist is making Grace worse through her medication, instead of helping her. However, whether she is genuinely thinking she is helping Grace or aiding her husband in his evil scheme, the reader will have to see.

Should you read Saving Grace?

Absolutely. Saving Grace is a gripping thriller with many turns and twists that will constantly surprise you. Even at the start, when we are not sure if Grace’s fears are real, we are still rooting for her.

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I recommend this book for readers who likes Psychological Thrillers with unexpected endings. And readers who are always rooting for the underdog.

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We all know what it feels like to be scared. But a paranoid person feels threatened all the time. If you were a character in this story, what advice would you have for Grace? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments?

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308 pages

Publication Date:

6 May 2017

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Categories: Medical Thrillers

Trigger Warnings: Euthanasia | Marital Violence | Sexual References | Profanity

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