Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja by Chris Roy


Ronin cleans his room like a ninja teaches children about self-discipline to form good habits, like cleaning their room and keeping it tidy. 

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

That’s part of becoming a ninja. You have to learn to do things yourself. Don’t depend on your sensei to do everything for you.

Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja – Chris Roy (location 34)
Book Cover Ronin cleans his room like a ninja by Chris Roy.

Chris Roy grew up in South Mississippi. He is a tattoo artist and published in magazines like Rise Tattoo Magazine and the ATC Tattoo Books app. He is also a boxing trainer.

Chris wrote With Her Fists, the Razor trilogy, and Her Name is Mercie. He also published many short stories at Close to the Bone.

Ronin cleans his room like a ninja, is his best selling children book, available on Kindle and as a paperback. 

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Ronin Cleans His Room like a Ninja – Summary

Ronin wants to grow up because he doesn’t like it when people tell him what to do. Stuff like, do your homework or clean your room. He would instead just go and play with his friend. 

So, one weekend his parents went on a cruise and asked his Uncle Mac to stay with Ronin for the weekend. 

Uncle Mac finds Ronin in his untidy room, pretending to make karate moves. Ronin really wants to be a ninja!

Uncle Mac explains to Ronin that all ninja’s need to learn discipline and show him how regularly cleaning his room is an excellent way to practice this skill. He shows Ronin some ninja tricks and techniques to make cleaning his room quick and fun!

Ronin looked around his room and saw it as a different world now. It was a ninja training dojo, and he would become a great ninja warrior.

Ronin Cleans His Room Like a Ninja – Chris Roy (location 37)

He teaches Ronin the importance of doing things himself and not depending on others to do it for him. And Ronin realise that if he does the things he should do out of his own, his parents won’t need to tell him to do it! 

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My take on Ronin Cleans His Room like a Ninja

Many children will identify with Ronin. Kids don’t like doing chores and would rather play all day. Through the story, they learn the importance of discipline, and together with Ronin, they find out that tasks can be fun if you do them like a ninja!

The illustrations by Lucas Romão add to the message by clearly showing all the moves Ronin use when cleaning his room. 

What I like about the book is the pictures displaying Ronin’s facial expressions about what is happening to him. It is a handy way to teach children about different emotions, enabling them to identify their feelings. If they are too small to tell you how you feel, you can ask them to find the face in the book that shows how they feel. 

You can use these pictures as a conversation starter to talk about feelings. Point to a face in the book, and ask your child if they have ever felt that way. What caused them to feel that way? Or ask them what will make them feel that way?

Should you get Ronin Cleans His Room like a Ninja for your child?

Ronin cleans his room like a ninja is a book that boys and girls alike will enjoy, And it is an easy way for you to teach your child about feelings, values, and manners. 

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Other children books I’ve reviewed and found valuable are Turtle Crossing, to teach children about moving. And Chubby’s Tale: The true story of a bear who beat cancer to teach them about leukaemia. 

Most children are fascinated by karate and Japanese customs and rituals. This book is an example of how we can use the customs of other cultures to teach specific values to our kids. What is an alternative way you can think of to teach your child to clean his room? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments?

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