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Lock screen on Kindle Touch

I have been reading on my Kindle for Android App now for many years.  I have recently decided to spoil myself by purchasing a Kindle Touch Gen 10 (2019) version. I would have loved to buy the Kindle Paperwhite instead but was limited by my budget. 😞

This is my experience with my Kindle so far!

1. Kindle Touch Display

The Kindle Touch has a 6” display and 167ppi screen resolution. This version was upgraded with built-in lights. This enables you to read even in the dark. Since I always use dark mode in the Android app, it took some getting used to the white background. (Although this option is available on the Kindle Paperwhite).

I was surprised by the flashing of the screen when turning or refreshing pages but got used to it very quickly. Here I must say I like the page turn animation on the Android App much better.

During the day I can read with the brightness setting on the lowest, increasing as necessary as it gets dark. There are various fonts available. You can use bold fonts and increase the size. You are bound to find the perfect combination to enhance your reading experience.

I do find the toolbar options on top a bit small, especially at night. This might be because I tend to keep my brightness settings as low as possible. Although, this should not be too much of a problem once you get to know the different options.

2. Home Page/Library

Library View on Kindle Touch showing Grid format.

Unlike the Android App with its Home and Library pages separate, on the Kindle you can choose either Home or Library view.

By default, the Kindle Touch show on your Home Page the last three books you have read, with next to it Your Reading Lists from the Amazon Store. It also displays Recommended for You |Top Page Turners | Trending this Month |Most Wished for Kindle Books and then you get to your Library. At the bottom is a small advert display with a suggested book to buy.

I did not like this layout very much because the thumbnails for the books were too small to make out any details. I have set mine to Library view, which displays all my books as larger thumbnails. You can choose to display All or Downloaded Books. There is also a filter and sort option.

Filters can be applied for Read | Unread | Books | Audible | Comics | Samples | Periodicals | Docs | Collections. Next to each, it shows the number of books in that category.

With the Sort option you can choose to display your books in a Grid or List format. You can then sort according to Title, Author or Collection (if available).

3. Kindle Touch Battery Life

While waiting for my cover, I must remember to put my Kindle to sleep when not reading, otherwise it shortens the battery life.

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I read on average about 3-5 hours a day. In the afternoon I read with the brightness setting to zero (3-4 hours daily) and at night I set the brightness to 10 (2-3 hours).

I also have it on the default power saving option. And I keep it in Airplane mode unless I need to download or sync.

Do take note that if you transfer a lot of books to your Kindle (via your PC) you will get a message to charge your Kindle. This is because the processing of these files consumes a lot of power. I have transferred about one thousand files, and my battery go from full to empty in one day!

On average, the battery lasts about 4-5 days. I do not think the cover that automatically puts the Kindle to sleep is going to make much difference to the battery life though.

4. Kindle Touch Storage

According to the specifications this Kindle has 4GB of storage. Therefore, I was quite amazed when connecting it to my PC that is shows a capacity of 6.23GB. Bonus! 😀

It is important to note that any documents you want to transfer on your Kindle, should go in the Documents folder (Kindle:\documents).

With Storage Management you have two options for managing your content.

  • Manual Removal let you select a content type and then choose the items you would like to remove.
  • Quick Archive frees up storage by removing downloaded items that have not been opened recently.

Although, with both options the removed items will still be accessible from the All view of your Library.

5. Kindle Touch Navigation

Kindle Touch Screen showing Toolbar on top.

Reading with the Kindle can be easily done one-handed, using your thumb to tap left or right to go forward or backward in the book.

All other navigation is best done using your other hand as well.

Tap on top for the toolbar with options for Home | Back| Settings |Goodreads | Store and Search

Overall, navigating the different options is simple and straight forward.

6. Kindle Touch Reading Experience

Finally, we get to the most important part. Reading! 📚

Kindle Touch Screen showing a page from a book.

The Kindle is designed for one-handed reading. At a size of six inches and a weight of 174g, the Kindle is light and small and turning pages is as simple as gently tapping the page. On the right or left to go forward or backwards.

One of the biggest benefits of reading digitally is the ability to choose different fonts and sizes. I have chosen Amazon Ember, Bold on 1, and size 7. I also chose the option to show my Location in the book and to show the clock while reading.

If you encounter an unfamiliar word, you can simply press and hold to select it. You will then see the dictionary with an explanation of the word. From my experience so far, most of the time you can use this functionality with wi-fi off. For some words, and if you want to access Wikipedia (on the right-hand side of the dictionary), you will need to enable wi-fi. Your Kindle will give you a pop-up message with the option to enable wi-fi.

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Simply press and drag to select words, sentences, or paragraphs. Once selected you can add a note using the built-in keyboard.

You have the option to share via e-mail or to Goodreads or Twitter. I could not manage to connect to Twitter. From my research it seems as if Twitter has disallowed this functionality. 👎

Although you can still sync your Kindle books to Goodreads and add them to bookshelves.

I love that the Kindle have no glare, making it possible to read anywhere. Unlike on your phone, where you must increase brightness if you are reading near a window or outside. The built-in light also means that you can now also read at night.

I have tried to read a pdf on my new Kindle, but even though the format is supported, it looks as if you are not able to increase the font size. Therefore, if the text is in a small font, it will be quite difficult to read.

7. Should you get a Kindle Touch?

Person ireading on a Kindle.

If you want a Kindle purely for the sake of reading, my answer is a definite yes. A big plus is that you can set your phone aside and read distraction-free. No more notification sounds distracting you from your reading!

Photo by Perfecto Capucine on Unsplash

The glare-free screen, built-in light, and long battery life will make it worth your while. It is also light and small, so it can easily fit in your handbag to take with everywhere you go.  Jay, for reading more this year! 😀

Should you get a Kindle if you are a book blogger?

As a book blogger my situation is a bit different. I would say yes for all the reasons above.

But there are certain things that I will still have to do from my phone. 😮

I am hugely disappointed that I cannot share to Twitter directly from my Kindle. This means that I must still go on my Kindle for Android App if I want to share anything from a book on Twitter. Fortunately, all the books that you buy through Amazon will sync to all your devices. This means you can find the highlights that you want to share easy enough on the Kindle for Android app.

Even though the Kindle have an experimental browser, I will still use the browser on my phone or computer instead.

Despite these drawbacks, I still do not regret getting myself a Kindle, and I’m sure you will feel the same once you’ve got yours!

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