Read on Kindle 2: How to get free (or cheap) books for your Kindle!

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The Read on Kindle Series

01 Easy Steps to get Kindle for Android | 02 How to get free (or cheap) books for your Kindle! | 03 Getting the most out of your Kindle experience | 04 Handy Settings in the Kindle Reader

A reading addict’s biggest fear is running out of books to read! Even though today more books are available than ever before, money constraints might very well be the spoke in the wheel of your reading adventures!

Screen shot showing results of searching for free Kindle books on Amazon

Although it is easy to just search for “FREE” in the Kindle app, I doubt you will have the time or inclination to scroll through pages of options just to find the perfect book to while away your Sunday afternoon!

Even though you can filter according to different criteria (like Kindle Unlimited, Prime Reading, Genre, Avg. Customer Review, Series etc.), you still end up with many pages to scroll through.

When I started our reading on Kindle many years ago, I didn’t even think about searching for free Kindle books on Amazon. But I did ask Google!

And that is how I’ve discovered BookBub!

What is BookBub?

Discover books you’ll love

Unbeatable ebook deals, handpicked recommendations, and updates from your favorite authors.

From the BookBub home page

BookBub has done it all for you! When you sign up you will receive emails right in your inbox with links to free (or discounted deals) of genres and authors you’ve chosen.

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Just don’t get tempted to buy too many $0.99 books – because it can all add up if the exchange rate is not in your favour!

How do I join?

Click the button below to go to the BookBub website.

1. Sign up

Landing page of BookBub. Fill in your email address to start the free sign up process.

Enter your email address and click: Sign-up – It’s Free.

Choose the correct pictures to verify that you are not a robot.

Or you can Continue with Google.

2 What type of reader are you?

On BookBub, select the type of reader you are: Occasional | Frequent | Avid

Personalize your experience by choosing from 3 options: occasional, frequent, or avid reader. Then click on Save and Continue.

3. Choose your genres

Now choose what you like to read from the available main and subcategories.

This page has too many details for a clear screen print, so I am only listing the main categories for your benefit.

Bestsellers | Mysteries, Thrillers, Action | Romance | Fiction | Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror | Teen and Young Readers | Nonfiction

When done click Save and Continue.

(PS! Don’t worry if you miss a category. Once you’ve created your account, you can add or remove categories as you wish!)

4. Choose your book formats

On BookBub choose your preferred book format: eBooks | Audiobooks | Print Books

Select a book format: eBooks | Audiobooks | Print Books

You can select as many as you need. Then click Save and Continue.

5. Choose your book stores

On BookBub choose where you buy your books: Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | Apple Books | Google Play | Kobo

Select your preferred store: Amazon Kindle | Barnes & Noble Nook | Apple Books | Google Play | Kobo.

Once again you can select as many as you like.

Rember to change your country if applicable.

Then click Save and Continue.

6. Follow top authors

On BookBub choose top authors to follow

Follow top authors. The more authors you follow, the more (and better) suggestions you will get.

The suggested authors on this page might be different, depending on the categories you’ve selected earlier.

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Click Save and Continue.

7 Create your account

Last step on Bookbub: Create your account login and password

The last step is to create your account login and password.

Confirm Email Address | Username | Password

Click on See My Books and you’re done!

What happens now?

You will land on your personalized profile where you can see Book Deals, Suggestions, Latest Blog Articles and New Releases.

Look out for your Welcome Email and make sure to whitelist the email address.

Now go about your daily busines, and when you see the BookBub Email, explore, and download free (and discounted) deals from your favourite store!

I have discovered many new authors in the genres that I love to read. If you like to just read books from authors you know, BookBub might not be for you. Because in my experience deals on well-known authors is rare.

But if you love to discover new writers, you will enjoy the BookBub experience!

Being a little compulsive, I couldn’t resist downloading every book that looks interesting. I eventually unsubscribed because I realized I’ll never be able to read so many books! But at least I am spoilt for choice!

And I can re-active any time I choose!

Enjoy your BookBub and Kindle reading experience – Books in Abundance!

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