Read on Kindle 4: Handy settings in the Kindle Reader


4. Search, Format, Notebook, Bookmark and More functions on my Kindle Reader

Screenshot with red oval showing Search | Format (Aa) | Notebook | Bookmark and More options in the Kindle Reader.
Search, Format, Share, Bookmark and More options
  • Use Search if you need to find any word, name etc. in the book.
Screenshot showing different formatting options: Screen Brightness | Text Size | Continuous Scrolling | Colour | Font | Margins | LIne Spacing | Orientation Lock

Format (Aa) give you the option to adjust screen brightness.

I like that you can do this independent from your phone’s screen brightness. Or you can use the system brightness.

You can increase or decrease the text size or enable continuous scrolling if you don’t like page turn animations or swiping to advance to the next page.

You can also choose the font colour, font type and adjust the margins and line spacing.

Enabling the rotation lock will ensure that your phone will not rotate when turning it in any direction.

  • The Notebook shows you all your highlights and notes. With an option to add a note to any highlight.
  • You can also Bookmark a page by tapping on the Bookmark icon.
  • Lastly, you have More options: Recommend this Book |X-Ray | Flashcards |Shop in Kindle Store | Share Progress | Word Runner | Word Wise
Screenshot of More options: Recommend this Book | Flashcards | Shop in Kindle Store | Share Progress | Word Runner | Word Wise
More Options


This is a feature unique to Kindle that gives you more information about a character, topic, event, place, or any other term. It is organized under Notable Clips | People | Terms and Images.


You can turn all your highlights into flashcards, making it easier to review. This is especially handy for non-fiction books where you need to refer to information often. This helpful article gives more details about its uses and how to create flashcards.

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Word Runner

This function can help you to read faster by showing one word at a time at a pre-selected speed. I still prefer to read the old school way. But try it – it may work for you.

Word Wise

Word Wise helps readers with limited vocabulary by providing explanations for unfamiliar words. Here you can enable this functionality and choose if it should show multiple choice hints. and you can choose the language for the hints.

The other options are all self-explanatory and straightforward to use.

5. What content related options do I have in my Kindle Reader?

Screenshot showing the Dictionary and Content Options: Colour for highlights | Note | Search | Share | More options (>) in the Kindle Reader.

You can long-press to select a word and drag to select more words. Selecting a word will bring up the Dictionary. The first time you will be asked to download the dictionary. Once done you can change the language by tapping the default (English US) and choosing your language. You can also swipe left to access Wikipedia and Translate. Tapping on any of these will take you to that particular website.

You will also see a menu bar above the selection. Here you can choose the colour you want to use to highlight the text. Or if you want to delete a highlight just tap the cross (x) to remove it.

You can create a note, search the book, or share the selected text to social media. You can also copy the text and paste it elsewhere.

A function that I think we as readers should use to help authors is Report Content Error. You can report errors like Text | Image | Formatting | Other

The Text option allows you to report Typo | Duplicate Text | Punctuation | Plot Error and Factual Error.

Image gives you the option to report Poor Quality | Illegible Text | Missing Image and Inaccurate Images.

Formatting and Other provide a text block for you to leave your suggestion.

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Take some time to suggest improvements to authors, as it will help to provide a better reading experience to us all!

This brings us to the end of the Read on Kindle series. I hoped you’ve found it helpful and have learned some new features that you never knew you had on your Kindle. Please share this series on your Social Media Platforms!

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