Read on Kindle 4: Handy settings in the Kindle Reader

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01 Easy Steps to get Kindle for Android | 02 How to get free (or cheap) books for your Kindle! | 03 Getting the most out of your Kindle experience | 04 Handy Settings in the Kindle Reader

Great! You have the Kindle app installed on your phone, found some terrific books to read and have all the important settings in place.

But one last thing! I want to show you some handy setting in the Kindle Reader itself.

1. What Library Settings do I have for my Kindle Reader?

If you are viewing your Library, there are some settings to change how you view your books in the Kindle Reader.

Collage with arrow indicating hamburger icon, and the available View and Sort options.

From the View options you can choose to view your books as a Grid or a List.

You can also choose to view your Collections if you have created any. As you complete your books you can create collections like Religious, Inspiration, Books I love, or however, you like to organize your books.

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I like to create a yearly collection of books I have read. 😉

Tip❣ Long-press on the books and then choose Add to Collection. Tick the block next to the Collection(s) or type in the name of your new collection on top. Then click OK. You have just added a book to a collection.

You can also Sort your books by Most Recent | Title | Author (A-Z) | Author (Z-A)

Collage with arrow showing the filter icon and available filtering options.

You can Filter by Read | Unread | Books | Samples | Audible | Docs.

Next to each, you can also see the amount for that category.

2. How to open your first book

Screenshot showing Home and Library pages on Kindle
Home and Library

But first, of course, we must open a book to read. To start you can either go to Home or Library. Tap on any book you want to read. It will show a progress bar with a cross (x). This is if you changed your mind and want to cancel the download.

Otherwise, once the download completes, the cross will change to a tick. Now, when you tap on the book it will open. Depending on your settings, either to the start of the book or the About Page.

3. Where to find information about your book?

Where do you find information about your book is it doesn’t open to the About section by default?

Tap any empty space and then tap the three lines top left.

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Arrow showing hamburger icon to find more info about your book

This gives you different options like:

– Close the Book

The first option you have is to close the book. If you want to change to a different book.

About this Book

Screenshot of About this Book from Read on Kindle 3: Getting the most out of your Kindle experience

Read on Kindle 3: Getting the most out of your Kindle experience

– Go To

You will have an option to enter a page or location. And will also show you your current page or location.

– Sync

Allows to sync your Kindle. This will enable you to carry on reading on your current device if you have previously been reading on a different device.

– Upgrade with Audio

This option enables you to buy the Audio book if available on Audible.

Screenshot showing Audible Audiobook Available page in the Kindle Reader.
Buy the Audiobook with Audible

– Go to Beginning

This option takes you to the beginning of the book. Either the Prologue or the first chapter.

– Before you go

You will be also be taken to this page automatically when you reach the end of your book. Here you have the following options: Review this book | On Goodreads as (if linked to your Goodreads account) | Follow the Author | Next in Series | More by the Author | Customers who bought this book also bought

– Table of Contents

Links under the Table of Contents will take you to the Cover | Various Chapters (with chapter names in case of non-fiction) | About the Author | Author Bio

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