Read on Kindle 1: 6 Easy steps to get Kindle for Android

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The Read on Kindle Series

01 Easy Steps to get Kindle for Android | 02 How to get free (or cheap) books for your Kindle! | 03 Getting the most out of your Kindle experience | 04 Handy Settings in the Kindle Reader

Screenshot on Android phone of Kindle Home Page

I love having the Kindle app on my Android phone, as I can read anytime, anywhere (if the battery last!) But to save battery power, I always turn the screen brightness down – it is much easier on the eyes as well! 😉

So, for my not so technical readers, I will explain how to set up the Kindle app on your Android phone and get reading!

1. Download and Install

Collage showing Google Play Store on Home Screen of Android Phone, Searching for Kindle App, and result showing Kindle App with Install Button

Go to Google Play Store on your phone, and search for Kindle. Tap on install and wait for the installation to finish.

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2. Tap to open the App

Find the Kindle app and tap to open. Depending on your phone settings, you should find it on your home screen.

Kindle App Icon showing on Home Screen of Android Phone

3. Tap the More option

Screenshot on Android more with red arrow pointing to More option

At the bottom-right tap More and select Sign in with Amazon.

4. Sign in with Amazon

if you already have an account with Amazon.

Otherwise, tap on Create a new Amazon Account.

Collage showing screenshots of Sign in with Amazon, and how to Create a New Account

Complete your Name, Email Address and Create A Password.

Tap on Create your Amazon Account and you’re done.

If not signed in after creating your account, sign in.

5. Welcome to Kindle

Screenshot of Welcome to Kindle page with categories and book covers

You will land on a Welcome to Kindle greeting page.

It will show you various categories and some book covers underneath.

6. Explore

You can tap on any category to explore.

Tapping on any book that interests you, will take you to the Amazon store where you can purchase the book!

But wait! Before you go on a book spending spree, have a look at my next post Read on Kindle 2: How to get free (or cheap) books for your Kindle! that will show you how to get books on Amazon for free (or ridiculously cheap!) 👍

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Happy reading!

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