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I love reading ARC’s and writing book reviews for the authors. This page is all about my rating and reviewing statistics. And I proudly display the badges I’ve earned by participating in book tours. 😃

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I have connected my BookSirens profile to Goodreads. The Readers Rank statistics are pulling through from my book reviews and books I’ve rated on Goodreads.

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Readers Favorite

I am proud to be an official reviewer for Readers’ Favorite, a book review and award contest site. The site is respected by many publishers like Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, and Harper Collins.

Readers’ Favorite has received the Best Websites for Authors and the Honoring Excellence awards from the Association of Independent Authors and has received an A+ accredited business rating.

Book Tours

I write a book review about an ARC and promote that book on social media on a specific day, using promotional material provided by the publisher.

Blackthorn Book tours cover dark fiction genres like horror, thrillers, mystery etc. Book Coffee covers general genres like historical fiction, adventure, etc. The badges for Blackthorn and Black Coffee are interchangeable, so I will display a selection from both.

BlackBerry Book Tours covers children and young adult books. It is standing on its own, and I will display their badges as such.

Follow the links to read the reviews.

1. Blackthorn and Black Coffee

  1. My debut tour was for The Cuts that Cure. How far will a desperate man go when he has his back against the wall?

2. Asylym – Psychological Thriller

3. Liner – Paranormal Suspense | Horror

4. The Warden – Psychological Techno-Thriller

5. Kolkata Noir – Gritty Crime

6. Choice Cruise Lines – Medical Thriller

2. BlackBerry

1. The Last Shimmer

2. Bald is Beautiful: a letter for a fabulous girl

3.Ronin Cleans his his Room like a Ninja

4. Diamond Blood (YA)

5. Bloodstone (YA)

6. Imagine That

3. Special Badges

Blackberry Best Review

  1. Best review for Ronin Cleans his his Room like a Ninja

After each tour we send a Feedback Report to the author, listing all the reviews collected during the tour. At the top as ‘Tour Guide’s Pick,’ we put the review which we liked best. I thought you’d be pleased to know that it was your lovely review this time. We really liked it – and we are proud to have you on our tour.

Tour Guide’s Pick Favourite Review

  1. Tour for the book Asylum, a psychological thriller, featuring a gloomy and deserted building, and a twisted mind out for revenge!
Yes, yours actually WAS the review we liked best!  We're proud to
have you on our tour.

2. Kolkata Noir is a gritty crime novel spanning 4 decades from 1999 – 2039 and includes a storyline of unfulfilled love.

I thought you'd be pleased to know that it was your review was our favorite
review again this time.  We really liked it - and we are proud to have you
on our tour. 

Badges for specific books

Bald is Beautful: a letter to a fabulous girl

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