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I love reading ARC’s and writing book reviews for the authors. This page is all about my rating and reviewing statistics. And I proudly display the badges I’ve earned by participating in book tours. 😃

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My BookSirens profile is connected to my Goodreads profile. The Readers Rank statistics are pulled from my book reviews and books I’ve rated on GoodReads.

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Book Tours

I write a book review about an ARC and promote that book on social media on a specific day, using promotional material provided by the publisher.

Blackthorn Book tours cover dark fiction genres like horror, thrillers, mystery etc. Book Coffee covers general genres like historical fiction, adventure, etc. The badges for Blackthorn and Black Coffee are interchangeable, so I will display the badge depending if the tour was with Blackthorn or Black Coffee.

BlackBerry Book Tours covers children and young adult books. It is standing on its own, and I will display their badges as such.

Follow the links to read the reviews.

1. Blackthorn and Black Coffee

Blackhorn Book Tour Debut

Blackthorn Book Tours

My debut tour was for The Cuts that Cure.

2. BlackBerry

3. Special Badges

This tour has its own special badge.

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