Do you like playing word games on your phone?

I do!

Sometimes I just need a break from everything. And Word Games is not exactly mindless activity. It helps to keep your brain active and increase your vocabulary.

Although it can be quite scary to realize how quickly time flies once engrossed in your game!

😃 Here is some for you to try. 😃

Word Search Classic – Rated 4.6 on Google Play

Word Search Classic Game on Google Play

I like this type of Word Puzzle. Mainly because I always manage to find all the words. Although as it becomes more difficult as you progress, it takes a bit longer to finish a level.

You can select different themes likes Animals | Countries | Actors or Delicious Foods!

Relax mode let you play at your own pace and difficulty setting.

Englis Crossword Puzzle – Rated 4.4 on Google Play

Cover art

I used to do a lot of physical crossword puzzles. But I haven’t recently, and not in English. (Being an Afrikaans girl. 😃)

Featuring 100+ easy levels | Unlimited hints | Free | Letter & Word hints | Size adjust to your device | Offline levels

Use this as a clever way to test and improve your English vocabulary. If you cannot find the answer, there is always Google! 👍

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