Jihadi Bride by Alastair Luft


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Alastair Luft is a Royal Military College graduate and Canadian Armed Forces Veteran. –

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Book Cover Jihadi Bride by Alastair Luft

Language: English

Print Length: 287 pages

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Publication Date: 29 August 2019

Categories: Historical Thrillers | Terrorism Thrillers

Trigger Warnings: Violence | Death | Profanity

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Alastair Luft stays in Canada with his wife and two daughters. He graduates from the Royal Military College and is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran. 

He publishes The Battle Within in 2017.  Jihadi Bride is his second novel. 


Arielle Peterson

Jihadi Bride tells the story of Arielle Peterson, whose mother committed suicide when she was ten. Her father resigned from the military to raise Arielle. But he worked long hours and wasn’t always available for her.

Arielle decided to convert to Islam to search for respect and community after a group of college guys raped her.

She’d found sisterhood and a sense of purpose in a community where she wouldn’t be victimized, either because of her faith or her sex. –   

Alastair Luft. Jihadi Bride (Kindle Locations 804-806). Black Rose Writing.

After her conversion, bonded by hiraj, she has to go to Syria to serve Islam. But she soon realizes that they have misled her and she can’t escape the realities of Islam.

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Erik Peterson

Her father, Erik Peterson, a member of a counter-terrorism unit, will not leave a stone unturned to find her and bring her home. Even if it at the cost of losing his job.

But will he be in time to stop Abu Noor al Kanadi’s plan to use Arielle to release a deadly virus in Montreal?

What did I love?

Point of view

The author uses different viewpoints to fill in the various storylines. We experience Arielle’s pain and trauma from the gang rape and her disillusionment with Islam through her thoughts and actions.

We understand Erik’s fear and anguish through his conversations with Stephanie and his boss. Also, during a discussion with Imam Vellani, we learn how and why his wife committed suicide.

Looking through the eyes of Abu Noor al Kanadi, we learn more about Islam from a radical perspective.


The theme is the relationship between father and daughter and how easily things can go wrong. It leads to dangerous and unexpected choices.

But when we dig deeper, we also find another theme: the fight against violence and terrorism. And how violence leads only to more violence.

And not so much?

Even though it is the reality of Islam, it is tragic how they abuse women and treat them like objects. And how easily they target vulnerable women to convert them, only for them to learn the hard truth only once it is too late. 

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Should you read it?

Jihadi Bride is a complex novel playing out on various levels.  The reader experiences tension as Erik tries to save his daughter, and she tries to escape with no luck.

I recommend this book for readers who love thrillers, suspense, historical, and action novels.

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