If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it!

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This is quite a challenge! Would you as reader be able to author the book you want to read? Should you?

They say good writers read a lot! But should avid readers become writers?

I’ve been reading since I can remember, but I didn’t always write. Although I have always been fascinated by words and couldn’t resist collecting quotes!

Like most of you I also had to write my share of essays in school and even in college. But for many years I never wrote.

What makes a writer anyway?

A good command of a specific language? Or the ability to express your thoughts well on paper?

I don’t think so!

I am a reader because I love to read. For me it is like breathing – essential to living!

Shouldn’t the same apply to being a writer? Writing for the love of it. Writing because of so many words fighting for existence. Writing because if you don’t you (metaphorically speaking) die!

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Writing makes you vulnerable, because with every piece of writing you somehow share a piece of yourself! Writing takes guts, dedication and is demanding work!

It is a struggle to find the right words, organize your thoughts in a meaningful way, and ruthlessly cut and edit – hoping to produce a masterpiece!

And once you publish – holding your breath for reaction from your readers! Because every piece of writing is like a child that you want to treasure and protect. And it is hard to just let go!

Reader or writer? They both need each other.

You can be one or both! Make your choice!

But, if you don’t find the book on the shelf that you want to read, do you have the guts to write it?

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Susan van der Walt is an avid reader of genres like crime, thrillers, adventure, and true stories. On Read or Rot she shares her favourite books and quotes with you. She also writes articles, book reviews and book recommendations. She lives in Alberton (South Africa) with her husband, Warrick, and fur baby, Pixie.

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