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Geo by Topher Allen


Geo is an entertaining science fiction fantasy with stones and crystals as characters. 

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

“Listen to me. Fear controls the city. Somehow, it looks like you’ve managed to avoid it. I like to think I had a hand in that.” Theo pulls Geo in closer. “Don’t give it the chance to start controlling you too. Be careful out there.”

Topher Allen – GEO (Kindle Locations 824-826)
Book Cover: Geo by Topher Allen

Topher Allen – a member of the National Writers Association – is a technical writer and engineer. He likes to creatively combine scientific innovation and the written word. 

He spends his free time programming, exercising, and pursuing creative outlets.


His latest novel, Geo, was published in January 2022. Topher Allen uses unlikely sources like rocks, physics, and biology to weave an engaging tale for middle-graders.

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Geo – Summary

Geo lives in a beautiful city underground, but he longs to explore the unknown land above. He convinces his two friends to explore the tunnels leading out of the city during their vacation, but the group soon lands in trouble.

Their ‘expedition’ leads them to a beautiful but dangerous world above ground. Fortunately, other characters save them from many dangers and help them get home.

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As often happens in an unforeseen crisis, there is also plenty of conflict between the friends, blaming Geo, who brought them there, fighting about who is in charge and criticising each other’s behaviour.

But they all grow through their adventures and learn the value of teamwork and appreciating each other’s unique skills and talents.

My take on Geo

Topher Allen has created a fascinating science fiction fantasy using unique characters, like rocks and crystals. 

Middle-graders will associate with the friendly bantering between the friends and the conflict that arises when they encounter many dangers on their journey.

I love the descriptive language that makes these characters come alive. The dangers they encounter are realistic, and the solutions they find for every challenge.

I’ve also enjoyed the secondary storyline of Warren and Millie and his role in getting the group home safely.

A pair of soot-covered hands takes control of him. CRACK. Heat runs up Geo’s back. Warren looks at him in terror. The falling boulders explode around him. Geo soars through the exit of the cave.

Topher Allen – GEO (Kindle Locations 4556-4560) 

Should you get Geo for your child?

I recommend Geo for middle-graders. They will enjoy the adventures of the unique characters in the book and the authentic and often hilarious remarks between the friends. 

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Ask your child to pick his favourite character in the story and, based on its description, draw that character. We would love to hear from you. Please share their drawings or opinion about Geo with us?

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