Fractured, not broken (a Memoir) by Kelly Schaefer


Fractured, not broken, is the true story of Kelly Schaefer, who becomes a quadriplegic after a car accident, and her struggle to adjust to her new life.

” Kelly is blessed that her story can help others.”

Kelly Schaefer
Book Cover Fractured not Broken by Kelly Schaeffer

Language: English

Print Length: 291 pages

Enhanced Typesetting | Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Publication Date: 3 July 2015

Categories: Teen and Young Adult Biography | Christian Inspiration | Religion and Spirituality

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Everyday thousands of people get into their cars and drive to work, go shopping, visit friends, or go on vacation. Few of us realize that our car can become a killing machine and the huge responsibility we take on every time we drive our cars!


July 10, 1999 – The day that changed Kelly Schaefer’s life forever!

The book tells Kelly story about the accident that left her a quadriplegic. And follows her through the years after.

It was the last day of her vacation with her family at a range in Durango, Colorado. She, her boyfriend Eric, and a group of friends decide to attend a local fair before flying back home the next day.

On their way a drunk driver, Zach Ridgewall, crossed the centre line, grazed the back end of Stephanie’s truck, and slammed in the front of the brown Taurus.

Many of the kids sustained mild injuries, but John, the driver of the Taurus died. Jason suffered severe brain trauma and Kelly was taken to Mercy Medical Centre with a neck and spinal injury (C4 fracture), resulting in her becoming a quadriplegic.

Kelly shares with us all her emotional struggles. Her anger because no-one was prepared to believe with her that she will be well again. Feeling vulnerable at night when her emotions overwhelm her. Sadness and anger. Envy of those who can still move so easily. And frustration when not making any progress and having to make peace with her new reality.

Deep down I knew Mom was right. God had a plan and I needed to find it. I needed to feel it, breathe it, and become a part of His plan, but I didn’t know how. I sighed. If only healing was as simple as Tyler planting his hands on my legs.

She describes her long road of rehabilitation with occupational, physical, and psychological therapy. The purpose to teach her how to cope with her disabilities. And attending sessions to help patients and their families prepare for returning home.

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And once she returns home, the new way of living she must adjust to. Being dependent on others to care for her. Her struggle to become more independent by starting to do more things for herself.

A photo of Kelly's Fifth Grade Classroom at Precious Blood
A photo of Kelly’s Fifth Grade Classroom at Precious Blood

It also speaks about her accomplishments by participating in pageants to broaden her speaking platform. Travelling to many schools to speak about the dangers of drinking and driving. But her biggest accomplishment going back to college to get her teaching diploma and securing a teaching position, teaching Fifth Grade at Precious Blood school!

It also tells of how she met Shawn, their growing relationship and how they eventually got married. And how they prepare to adopt two kids from the Congo.

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What did I like?

Kelly Schaeffer shows us what can be accomplished through sheer determination and an unwillingness to admit defeat. She shows us that disabilities don’t have to keep you back from reaching your dream and making a difference. That even though we cannot always control what happens to us, with courage we can choose how to react and still live a meaningful and rewarding life!

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And not so much?

I find it tragic that the bad choices of a single man can cause so much pain and heartache. Resulting in so many hurt, one-man dead, and a family irrevocably changed through the injuries of two of their children.

Should you read it?

I highly recommend this book to readers who like to read true stories. We should share this book with others so that people can realize that driving under the influence or recklessly can have far-reaching consequences should you cause an accident!

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