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TF Lince lives in Darlington with his wife, Claire. His daughter Annie is a talented guitarist and is setting up her own band. The author enjoys golfing and is a Middlesbrough FC fan. He works as an IT Consultant and writes in his spare time. – Amazon Author Page

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I have found this author on Twitter. His first book Room 119 was on special. Intrigued by the premise, and because of my goal to read out of my comfort zone in 2021, I purchased this book.

Room 119: The Whitby Trader is about the internal journey of Dean Harrison. A journey of self-discovery, repentance, and commitment to improving himself. What an amazing read! When I saw his second book on special, I did not hesitate to buy it as well!

Funicular again is something different. It is a crime mystery, with DI Bob Dixon investigating a cold case. The disappearance of little Lizzy Scraggs. It astounds him to discover that every six years a child goes missing in the village of Saltburn-by-the-Sea. And it always coincides with an extraordinarily high tide.

But he faces a challenge: strange visions, a changing past influencing the future, and the culprit promising that with his help it will all stop with the next tide in 2018. Will they be successful in this desperate quest?

We started chatting on Twitter, and I was so glad when he agreed to this interview.

Hi Trev. Welcome and thank you for your willingness to answer a few questions.

1. I am sure all of you have heard this advice before: “If you want to improve as a writer, read a lot!” TF Lince is not your typical author since he does not read much! Trev, why is this? Is it a case that you simply dislike reading?

I have never read really. At school, my writing was almost illegible, so I had to take remedial handwriting classes and a subsequence was not taking English Literature, so I read nothing at school. 

Whilst in the Royal Air Force in the Falkland Islands I was given some Terry Pratchett books by a friend, as I was miles away from home. I read a few which I loved, but on my return to the UK, I did not read apart from the odd Terry Pratchett if I was on holiday.

I had only read eleven books ever in my life (seven Terry Pratchett) when I had a sequence of dreams that led to me writing Room 119.

Terry Pratchett. Now that is one author I haven’t read before. I should try it if it could get Trev reading!

 2. You have published two books: Room 119 and Funicular. Bearing in mind that you are not a full-time writer, how long does it typically take you to complete a book – from start to publishing?

Like I said before Room 119 played out as a series of dreams in one night, as it was born from dreams and very visual, I found the writing of it quite easy as it played out like a film in my head. It took about three months to write at night times and lunch breaks from work.

Then probably about another month of cleaning up before I dare send it to an editor. The editor took a month, as a non-writer I learnt so much in Room 119.

I gave the editor 127k words; I got back 97k. She said I kept telling the reader things over and over in case they did not get it; she took most of that out, explaining to me that half of the thrill of reading is not getting it until you are meant to.

The proofreader then took 2 weeks, I did all the publishing bit myself. (self-confessed IT geek)

Wow! About five months start to finish. That is fantastic!

And Funicular?

Funicular about the same, my writing had improved though, only 4k words shaved off that one. My editor said she can tell I do not read as the writing style is unique and refreshing and not based on anyone else’s.

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For all rules, there are exceptions. So, if you are a writer that does not like reading much, do not despair!

 “Room 119 has received many great reviews and comments, and it is currently being made into a screenplay thanks to interest from a couple of film directors… Lince, T.F. Funicular: What is truth when the past is a lie? (p. 4). Kindle Edition.

3. Describe your feelings about the possibility of your book becoming a movie?

I met Paul in a pub; he was a film producer and asked if he could read it; we have since become good friends and met often in the pub to keep the script honest to the book.

Extremely excited, we just need a little luck now. Fingers crossed.

I hope this work out for you Trev. I think the movie will keep people at the edge of their seats. They will keep watching but never be able to guess how it will end!

4.  Your books have many twists and turns. Do you plan it all out beforehand, or do you start from a basic idea and see what happens when you write?

The day after the dream I was telling someone at work, they said I should write a book. I laughed this off of course; me write a book?

What I did though is to write all the bullet points of the dream. Six months later, when someone dared me to write it, I used a bulleted list as ‘get to points.’ It took 20k words of backstory to ‘get to point’ number one (The top of the cliff if you have read it.)

Yes, I remember. They saved him in such a unique and unexpected way!

For my next book, which I also dreamt the concept of, I did the same thing, as I am writing and I think of points I need to reference or I have an idea, I add to the bulleted list which sits under where I am writing and follows me down the page.

Every time I use a bullet, I change its colour. I also add sub-bullets to give the point more detail.

5. A lot of writers find it hard to write about themselves. What did you find the hardest part of writing your author bio?

I wrote a very loose one and my editor fixed it into the third person and gave me some hints and tips to make it read better, I also write the foreword and she cleaned that up.

She wrote the ‘blurb’ too. Now that is a skill to have.

Yes, the blurb must be good as it forms a critical part of the marketing process.

6. What behind-the-scenes habit in your life will surprise your readers the most?

That I do not read I guess, update, I have now read twenty books and written two and a half. Apart from that, I love naming my chapters after sayings or song titles. In Funicular, there is even a couple in French (if you read it you will know why)

I love those headings. So much more interesting than the normal boring numbering. And it already creates a sense of anticipation. You just must wonder what is going to happen in this chapter!

7. Do you have a daily writing habit (morning pages, journaling, etc.)?

Not really, being a self-employed IT contractor, I write whenever I can around my job; I write in batches though, I might write 6k -10k words in one night and finish at 2 am. When you are on a roll, you must write one more chapter.

My Chapters are generally between 1k and 1.75k words long

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Obviously, Terry Pratchett, I would like to think that both of my books have some humour in their heart.

The best book I have ever read (actually listened to) is Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

I have checked it out on Amazon, and it is extremely popular with excellent ratings. Worth adding to my TBR list.

9. What is the highlight of your day?

Well, it does not happen every day, but there cannot be a better feeling as an author than receiving a review.

Someone out there taking their time to write nice things about what you imagined and wrote, I still look at my reviews, I printed them out once for my mother; she was in tears. (Readers, please leave a review if you can find the time, it means so much)

Come on, readers! Make the authors happy. Reviews boost sales and enable them to keep on writing. More books for us to read and enjoy!

10.What is the one thing in your life you are most grateful for?

Health and happiness and family, I have a lovely wife and amazing daughter.

Interesting titbits

Do you prefer:

1. Summer or winter? Summer

2. Coffee or tea? Coffee

3. Dog or cat? Dog

4. Morning person or night owl? Night Owl

5. Beach Holiday or camping? Beach Holiday

6. Movie or book? Movie (sorry)

7. Meat lover or vegetarian? Meat lover

8. Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert (I play the guitar and do card magic tricks)

That must be where your daughter got her talent from!

9. Travel locally or internationally? Both (Love where I am from, but love going to unknown places)

10. Text message or call? Call 100%, (I used to refuse to text until I was the only one left)

One last question: Are you working on anything at the present you would like to share with your readers about?

I am halfway through a thriller involving an escape room, probably calling it Reunion as they have done the escape room title to bits, and this is different from the standard.

 Reunion sounds good. Already makes me wonder what you will surprise us with! Can I stand in line for the ARC?

There you have it! Trev Lince, an author that does not like to read and prefers to watch movies. A night owl that loves meat and does magic tricks! Maybe he will feature some of them in one of his books?

We wish you many more dreams and we all look forward to your next book!

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