Diamond Blood by Eric Danhoff


Diamond Blood is a collection of sci-fi, horror, and fantasy short stories and poems, with abstract paintings of the authors’ daughter scattered through the book.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

My child this is real and what it speaks is true. Your power lies in the dreams our magic gives you.

Diamond Blood Eric Danhoff (location 37)

Book Cover Blood Diamond by Eric Danhorff

Eric Danhoff was born in 1986 in Chicago, Illinois and started writing at the age of seven. He published two books in the Paavo Harker Mystery series – The Black Eclipse and Wasteland Heart. Eric also wrote a cyberpunk story, Revenant Sun

His latest release, published in January 2021, is Diamond Blood.

Diamond Blood – Summary

The paintings of his daughter inspired Eric Danhoff to write Diamond Blood. It is a collection of short stories and poems about various topics. It features space travel, game developments, horror, monsters, and the idea of parallel universes.

My take on Diamond Blood

The book is a quick read at only 144 pages. Eric Danhoff takes you on different journeys with each story or poem. The unique characters and strange universes will fascinate teenagers and young adults.

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Diamond Blood, the title story, is the last one in the book. It features our current reality of a deadly virus, lockdowns and wearing of masks. Yuki can no longer work and busies herself caring for her sick husband and searching for rock songs on the internet. The Signalhead band fascinates her – for some reason, they set up their music to delete once you have listened to them. 

She catches their attention and receives an invitation to meet with them. But her trip turned out to be disappointing, and when she returned home, she found her husband missing. 

A strange man comes to visit, and she discovers that her life is not real; the virus has created this illusion. She goes into the city to escape and find an entrance to an alternate universe, where she can live any life she wants. 

Should you get Diamond Blood for your child?

With Diamond Blood, Eric Danhoff created a unique work – a combination of short stories, poems, and the paintings of his daughter. The abstract, colourful and sometimes dark paintings are scattered throughout the book, enhancing the mood created by the stories and poems. 

With Diamond Blood, Eric Danhoff created a unique work – a combination of short stories, poems, and the paintings of his daughter. Diamond Blood by Eric Danhoff#raiseareader #@troubled_sleep Click To Tweet

Written for adults and young adults, Diamond Blood is a quick read for those who enjoy horror, dark fantasy, and alternate realities. If you like paranormal fantasy, check out my review of Bloodstone The Curse of Time Book 1.

Eric Danhoff used the paintings of his daughter as inspiration for this collection of poems and short stories. After reading the book, could you see any correlations between the stories/poems and the abstract paintings? Do you think these paintings are functional in the book? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments?

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