Weekend over? Enjoy your eighth day of reading!


Let's be reasonable and add an eighth day to the week that is devoted exclusively to reading. Lena Dunham

Weeks drag by and weekends fly! Too soon it is Sunday night and you’re off to bed, dreading the start of another week tomorrow!

You wake up to the vibration of the alarm on your wrist. You are about to jump out of bed and get ready for the mad rush to work. But then your eyes fall on the stack of books on your bedside table. You feel relieved! Today is reading day!

While waiting for the kettle to boil, you turn the book over and slowly read the back cover. After making your tea, you settle into your favourite chair with your tea close by and the radio playing softly in the background.

You pick up your book, and slowly open it to the first page….

Everything fades away and you are completely absorbed into a different world. Time ceases to exist as you’re getting to know this different world.

The sweltering heat in the forest taking your breath away, bone-chilling cold during an Arctic expedition, the gentle swaying of the horse underneath you while riding through the field or the gentle rocking of the chair under you while reading to the little one on your lap.

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You become one with the main character. Seeing everything through their eyes and feeling all their emotions: heart-stopping fear, that first tender ray of love, despair at an impossible hurdle that needs to be overcome or the wonder of discovering a fantasy world.

Hours later when you finally finish the last page, you close your book and lean back in your chair with a warm feeling of content. Slowly you drifted off to sleep…

You wake up to the vibration of the alarm on your wrist. Before you jump up to get ready for work, you take a moment to remember your dream.

Imagine if there really was an eighth day, dedicated only to reading!

Hi! I am Susan

Welcome to my adventure

Why Read or Rot?

I have started reading at the age of four. I can remember how I often read under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to sleep.

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During my early school years, we visited the library once a week. I couldn’t pick out my new book fast enough! By the end of the period, I would have finished it already, leaving me with nothing to read for the rest of the week!

Growing up, Fridays was the highlight of my week. Dad would pack the whole family into the car, and off we go! You guessed right – to the library! We were a family of readers.

In my adult years, I’ve developed a variety of interests like technology, photography, gardening and even writing. But reading was and will always be a part of my life!

Reading for me is like breathing. If I cannot read, my soul will quietly rot away

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