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The theme of Choice Cruise Lines is the controversial topic of euthanasia or assisted suicide to end persistent suffering.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily. 

Choice Cruise Lines is an alternative for those with very special requests. Our goal is to ensure that your last cruise before your longest voyage is perfect for each individual.

Jack Kregas. EB Choice Cruise Lines (Kindle Locations 226-228). Kindle Edition
Book Cover Choice Cruise Lines by Jack Kregas

Born in the US, Jack Kregas now lives in Brisbane. He enjoys skiing and has lived in Switzerland, Maui, and Australia. Jack is now retired and writes full-time after publishing his successful autobiography, It’s All About Me.  He also wrote Mystical Glasses, Slick Justice, Innocent Retribution, etc.

Choice Cruise Lines is a medical thriller published in May 2017.

Choice Cruise Lines – Summary

In Choice Cruise Lines, we meet various people, all suffering from a terminal illness. Jack Kregas explore their feelings about dying, how their diseases affect their families and their decisions on how they plan to spend their last days. He shows that these diseases spare no one – regardless of age, gender, status, or race. 

Lifelong business partners

We also meet two friends Aaron Cohen and Liam Cleary. They have been partners in various successful business ventures and are ready to try something new. 

Aaron watched his mothers’ suffering before she died of adenocarcinoma pancreatic cancer. He felt helpless because he couldn’t ease her pain and suffering.

He realized there were no good options. As a hands-on kind of guy, he felt more helpless with each visit to his mother. She pleaded, if not in words, with her eyes and expression. Please Aaron, help me join your father.

Jack Kregas. EB Choice Cruise Lines (Kindle Locations 568-570). Kindle Edition. 

Mon Choix – My Choice

After doing their due diligence, the brothers decide to launch a small cruise line. They name their ship Mon Choix – or My Choice – in English. The name refers to their sideline – a unique service offered to only a selected few, besides their standard cruises.

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Julian Reisch, a doctor and lawyer, helps the friends with legal and marketing aspects of their unique idea. Julian and his wife also join their venture to ensure the best guidance and treatment for this select clientele.

What did I like? 

Choice Cruise Lines deals with the very controversial topic of euthanasia. 

 It is the act or practise of killing or permitting the death of hopelessly sick or injured individuals (such as persons or domestic animals) in a relatively painless way for reasons of mercy.

 Merriam Webster 

I have lost both of my parents to cancer. I can remember how my once strong father became so frail and fraught with pain that I couldn’t even hug him. And my mom, always slim- just become thinner each day – bravely facing another day of pain and suffering. 

Someone watching a loved one’s suffering may wish for the option proposed in Choice Cruise Lines. But if we see human life as sacred, we can’t view euthanasia as an option. 

Whatever your opinion of this controversial matter, let us never lose our compassion for those suffering in this way. 

And not so much? 

I like how the author motivates the idea of euthanasia as a sideline for the cruise liner venture. And how he shows us the various characters’ journeys up to the point that they are ready to join the cruise. 

I appreciate the authors’ sensitivity of not including the actual euthanasia scenes in the book – and rightly so! But I would have liked to know how many have chosen not to make use of this option. 

Should you read Choice Cruise Lines?

I love this book. It offers a unique story and perspective on a controversial topic. Jack Kregas gives us insight into the effect a diagnosis of a terminal illness can have on a person and their family. It is a time of intense emotions and difficult decisions, especially when someone is still young and will leave children behind.

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Although we all have our viewpoint on this contentious issue, I hope this book can create understanding and compassion for those living with terminal illnesses. 

I love this book. It offers a unique story and perspective on the controversial topic of euthanasia. Choice Cruise Lines by Jack Kregas #thriller #readingcommunity #bookreview @JackKregas Click To Tweet

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After reading Choice Cruise Lines, what is your opinion about euthanasia? Is it the same as before, or did the book change your perspective in any way? We would love to hear from you. Would you please reply in the comments?

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308 pages

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6 May 2017

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Trigger Warnings: Euthanasia | Marital Violence | Sexual References | Profanity

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