Fractured, not broken (a Memoir) by Kelly Schaefer


Fractured, not broken, is the true story of Kelly Schaefer, who becomes a quadriplegic after a car accident, and her struggle to adjust to her new life.

” Kelly is blessed that her story can help others.”

Kelly Schaefer
Book Cover Fractured, not Broken by Kelly Schaeffer

Every day thousands of people get into their cars and drive to work, go shopping, visit friends, or go on vacation. Few of us realize that our car can become a killing machine and the huge responsibility we take on every time we drive our cars!

Kelly Schaefer experienced it for herself after she became quadriplegic after an accident with a drunk driver.

When you read Fractured, not Broken, Kelly takes you on her journey. First, we experience with her the shock of her paralysis, the many months of rehabilitation, and the challenges of adjusting to a new way of living. It shows the courage of a brave woman, who against all odds manages to create a new life for herself!

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Spilled Milk (based on a true story) by K.L. Randis


Spilled Milk explores sexual abuse and the struggle of a victim to find justice in court.

“Writing Spilled Milk was very emotional”

K. L. Randis
Book Cover Spilled Milk by KL Randis

The author has a degree in psychology and has worked for more than four years in the mental health field.

She wrote Spilled Milk to raise awareness of the challenges children faces in court when bringing charges of abuse, especially when abused by a parent.

She continues to campaign for this issue by visiting schools to speak and answer questions, working with professionals and legislators regarding policy changes, and even offer military sexual assault training.

Spilled Milk is her debut novel, and it become a #1 bestseller within 24 hours after she published it in 2015.

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