Room 119 by TF Lince

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TF Lince lives in Darlington with his wife, Claire. His daughter Annie is a particularly good guitarist and is setting up her own band. The author likes golfing and is a Middlesbrough FC fan. He works as an IT Consultant and writes in his spare time.

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Book review: Room 119 by TF Lince

Language: English

Print Length: 280 pages

Text-to-Speech | Screen Reader | Word Wise

Publication Date: 14 December 2017

Trigger Warnings: Suicide | Profanity | Deity Swears

Categories: Dark Fantasy Horror | Dark Fantasy | Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)

I have found the author on Twitter, and since I’ve decided to read out of my comfort zone this year, I have bought this book as it was on special. Lucky me! 😀

Room 119: The Whitby Trader is his debut novel, and I was pleasantly surprised. I cannot remember when last I got so engrossed in a book!

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Elevator Pitch by Linwood Barclay

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Linwood Barclay is a former columnist for The Toronto Star and the author of several critically acclaimed novels, including Too Close to Home and No Time for Goodbye, a #1 Sunday Times (UK) bestseller. He lives near Toronto with his wife.

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Language: English

Print Length: 464 pages

Wordwise | Enhanced Typesetting | Text to Speech – Enabled

Publication Date: 17 September 2019

Categories: Psychological Thrillers | Serial Killer Thrillers

Out of order! For most of us seeing this sign on an elevator is no reason to stress. Unless you live in New York – the city of skyscrapers!

Imagine you live or work on the thirtieth floor. Or the fiftieth. Or in the highest building with ninety-eight floors!

Elevator Pitch will put you right in the middle of exactly this scenario. Except that it is not only your building – but all the buildings in New York!

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Fractured, not broken (a Memoir) by Kelly Schaefer

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” Kelly is blessed that her story can help others.”

Kelly Schaefer
Fractured Not Broken: a Memoir by [Michelle Weidenbenner, Kelly Schaefer]

Language: English

Print Length: 291 pages

Enhanced Typesetting | Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Publication Date: 3 July 2015

Categories: Teen and Young Adult Biography | Christian Inspiration | Religion and Spirituality

Everyday thousands of people get into their cars and drive to work, go shopping, visit friends, or go on vacation. Few of us realize that our car can become a killing machine and the huge responsibility we take on every time we drive our cars!

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Spilled milk (based on a true story) by K.L. Randis

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“Writing Spilled Milk was very emotional”

K. L. Randis

Language: English

Print Length: 246 pages

Wordwise | Enhanced Typesetting | Text-to-Speech: Enabled

Publication Date: 4 December 2013

Categories: Child Abuse | Social Services and Welfare

Many of us coming from happy homes, or who are in healthy relationships cannot imagine what it is like to be abused. “Spilled Milk” puts you in the world of Brooke Nolan, daughter of David and Milly Nolan.

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