Can you eat only one potato chip? Neither can I read only one book!

Reading one book is like eating one potato chip.

We all like eating potato chips and other snacks. And you all know once you start, you won’t stop until that very last bite!

Manufacturers spend a lot of money on research to make sure every single ingredient in that potato chip will make you do just that.

But to me, reading is the same. One book is never enough!

With the advance of the digital age and free eBooks, you are not likely to run out of books to read any time soon.

But what is it about books that keep you reading? One book after the other, going on for years without tiring.

Humans by nature are inquisitive and like to learn new things. That is why we will keep on reading non-fiction books. To learn about many different topics that interest us. Through the years I’ve read books about many topics such as gardening, self-development, religion, photography. And lately about writing!

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Reading offers many benefits like stress relief. And escaping the harsh realities of life for a short while.

Every novel you read is like a new world you enter. You discover places that you will never be able to visit. Every character comes alive and becomes like a well-known friend (or sometimes an enemy!)

And with every book you finish, you are left with this empty feeling – a sense of loss!

Thank goodness there is always another book. Another story. Another world to explore.

That is why reading only one book is like eating only one potato chip!

Please share with us in the comment what keeps you reading!

Hi! I am Susan

Welcome to my adventure

Why Read or Rot?

I have started reading at the age of four. I can remember how I often read under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to sleep.

During my early school years, we visited the library once a week. I couldn’t pick out my new book fast enough! By the end of the period, I would have finished it already, leaving me with nothing to read for the rest of the week!

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Growing up, Fridays was the highlight of my week. Dad would pack the whole family into the car, and off we go! You guessed right – to the library! We were a family of readers.

In my adult years, I’ve developed a variety of interests like technology, photography, gardening and even writing. But reading was and will always be a part of my life!

Reading for me is like breathing. If I cannot read, my soul will quietly rot away

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