Room 119 by TF Lince


TF Lince lives in Darlington with his wife, Claire. His daughter Annie is a talented guitarist and is setting up her own band. The author enjoys golfing and is a Middlesbrough FC fan. He works as an IT Consultant and writes in his spare time.

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Book Cover Room 119 by TF Lince

Language: English

Print Length: 280 pages

Text-to-Speech | Screen Reader | Word Wise

Publication Date: 14 December 2017

Trigger Warnings: Suicide | Profanity | Deity Swears

Categories: Dark Fantasy Horror | Dark Fantasy | Paranormal & Urban Fantasy (Kindle Store)

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I have found the author on Twitter, and since I’ve decided to read out of my comfort zone this year, I have bought this book as it was on special. Lucky me! 😀

Room 119: The Whitby Trader is his debut novel, and I was pleasantly surprised. I cannot remember when last I got so engrossed in a book!


Dean Harrison is one of the leading traders at Falcon International. Life was good to Dean. He has a wife and daughter he loves (but do not see often enough) and is driving his dream car (a Porsche 911).

That is until the day he pulls out all stops and his trade go horribly wrong!

Shunned from the firm, Dean gives himself over to alcohol, until he ends up on the suicide hotspot of Beachy Head, behind Sweet Dreams Nursing Home for Alzheimer’s patients. An old couple enjoying the view kept him from jumping, and suggested he visit Welnetham Hall Hotel, and specifically book into Room 119.

“I’m glad we were up here to help, Dean. Give these people a ring. They are good at dealing with people like you. It’s where we spent our honeymoon. Make sure you book into Room 119.”

Lince, T F. Room 119: The Whitby Trader: A mystery thriller to die for (p. 59). Kindle Edition.

During his stay in this hotel, Dean enters a different reality, meeting up with several guides who through cryptic clues try to help him find his way back. He doesn’t know where he is and where he is supposed to go back to. Will he manage to find all the missing pieces and get a second chance at life?

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In most of these type of fantasy novels, the reader can normally pinpoint a specific entrance and exit point into and from the alternate reality where a character finds himself.

But in this book, we can define an entrance point. But the author is very cunning. Because even though we think Dean is back in reality, is he really?

What did I like?

I love how the author just keep you guessing. Every time that I think the story if winding down and is close to the end, I am surprised by another twist or turn.

And not so much?

Deity swears. Although it is understandable why a character will do it given the situation.

Should you read it?

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel with all its twists and turns. Many of the questions and issues Dean face are the same that we are often faced with in life.

Excellent debut novel. Recommend for readers of Dark Fantasy Horror, Dark Fantasy or Paranormal & Urban Fantasy. And of course, Harry Potter fans.

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