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A Very Silly Reading Book by Alan Smith


A Very Silly Reading Book by Alan Smith offers a fun way to show reluctant readers that reading is fun!

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Meow! Adults are no longer in charge of reading

A Very Silly Reading Book – Alan Smith, Introduction
A Very Silly Reading Book by Alan Smith

Alan Smith believes reading should be fun, and the best way to teach children to read – and enjoy reading – is to make them laugh. Thus he created this Very Silly Reading Book, where adults are no longer in charge of reading.

A Very Silly Reading Book was published on 6 February 2023. You can buy the paperback, the best option for young readers. Alternatively, buy the ebook for your child to read on their Kindle , or with your Kindle Unlimited subscription.

A Very Silly Reading Book – Summary

This interactive book encourages reluctant readers to be involved in the book by putting them in charge. They will have adults as assistants who must obey all their silly instructions for everything they read correctly.

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My Take on A Very Silly Reading Book

Children will love this reading book with the silly instructions their reading assistant has to follow.

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Kids get familiar with the simple vocabulary through meaningful repetition throughout the book. 

Highlighting the names of the colours in that specific colour helps to keep their attention and ensure that they understand the word’s meaning. 

Should I get A Very Silly Reading Book for my child?

I highly recommend this book for reluctant readers from ages four to twelve. They will have so much fun watching their assistant trying to remember and enact instructions based on a specific colour as they read them repeatedly through the book.

Children will expand their vocabulary with the names of colours, animals, and specific actions. They will also learn the sounds of cats and more challenging words like catnap, chase, and oath.

I hope Alan Smith will continue writing more silly books to form a Very Silly Reading Books series.

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Did being in charge encourage your child to read the book? Did you and your child have fun with you acting out the actions throughout the book? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments.

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