Bloodstone: The Curse of Time by M.J. Mallon


Bloodstone explores the topics of self-harm and how things are not always the way they seem.

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Book Cover Bloodstone The Curse of Time by M.J. Mallon

M.J. Mallon was born in Singapore and grew up in Hong Kong. As a teenager, she lived in Edinburgh and started writing – inspired by her vivid imagination.

She writes in many genres, like paranormal, horror, supernatural, flash fiction and poetry. 

M.J. Mallon wrote two books related to the Covid-19 pandemic: This is Lockdown and Lockdown Innit.

You can find her on her blog, Kyrosmagica (Crystal Magic). Here she explores the spiritual realm, love of nature, and the magical, mystical and mysterious.

Bloodstone is the first book in her Curse of Time series, followed by The Golden Healer.

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Amelina’s thirteenth birthday was a sad day since it was the night that her dad disappeared. He returned just after her fifteenth birthday, but Amelina was still sad because he had changed so much. Not only does he look much older, but he became a stranger – quiet, reserved and with no interest in his beloved guitar.

Amelina shares the house with her dad, mom, and Shadow, the cat. And there is also Esme – the girl only Amelina can see – when she looks in the mirror. 

Amelina believes her family is cursed. One day she received a strange invitation in the mail to the Crystal Cottage, where she met Leanne, who taught her about various crystals and their powers. Amelina hopes that she can use certain crystals to break the curse on her family so that they can once again be the happy family they were before. 

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My take on Bloodstone


Through the character of Esme, MJ Mallone explores the issue of self-harm as a way of dealing with pain and trauma. Even though Esme seems to be a perfect, popular girl, she has to deal with the pain of loneliness because people don’t know her for who she really is. 

Sometimes that’s how I feel. It’s like I want to mark my skin with sharp lines.

It released the pain, and it bled out.

M.J. Mallon. Bloodstone: The Curse of Time Book 1 (Kindle Locations 967-968, 973)

 Another theme in Bloodstone is how things are not always the way they seem. Evelyn met a terrifying creature and Ryder, who looks like a perfect guy. But appearances can be deceiving, and the beast turns out to be her guide. At the same time, Ryder is ruthless and only wants to hurt her. 

The author explores the issue of self-harm, and how things are not always the way it seems. Bloodstone: The Curse of Time by M.J. Mallon #raiseareader #parenting @Marjorie_Mallon Click To Tweet


The author blurs the lines between reality and fantasy in the story. We can see this in the human characteristics of the house – making it seem alive – when

  • the house answered us and echoed with trapped laughter (location 1094)
  • I heard the house joining in with a chorus of shouts and yells (location 1123)
  • the house moaned with a murmur of delight (location 1285)

Should you get Bloodstone for your child?

Bloodstone is a paranormal fantasy aimed at teenagers and young adults. Parents should note that the story references seances (the calling up of spirits) and out-of-body experiences. Parents should talk with their teens about these aspects depending on your beliefs. 

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Another fantasy book for young adults I have reviewed is Diamond Blood – a collection of short stories, poems, and abstract paintings. Or have a look at other books written by M.J. Mallon.

Books by M.J. Mallon Lockdown Innit, Mr Sagittarius, This is Lockdown, Bloodstone The Curse of Time.

Check out this article about self-harm to understand why and how young people use it to deal with emotional pain. How would you broach this issue if you suspect your child is injuring himself? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments?

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