Before You Go …: Frozen Marshmallows; what isn’t it should be by Moni V


Before You Go is a poetry collection – to be read in small bites – like cookies with coffee.

I’ve received this book as an ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.
Book Cover Before you go by Moni V

This is the first time I have ever reviewed a poetry collection, and I did find it to be quite a challenge! 😊

The author explains that you should read these poems as small bites, like cookies with coffee. Marshmallows as a metaphor referring to indulgence, tastes of sweet and bitter. Representing the different contrasts in life.

Book 1 Frozen Marshmallows kicks of the Before You Go series of Poetry Collections.

Before You Go: Frozen Marshmallows – Summary

This anthology consists of thirty-seven poems. It gives you a feeling of being on a journey, changing from who and where you are, to what you can become. But much more than an earthly journey, the author focuses on our eternal destination. The author illustrates this in My Last Will with phrases like

Potentials revealed forever | Eternal mind BeComes | for-Ever now I am | for-Ever I exist | I will forever Be | Forever I will Be

Moni V. Before You Go… (Kindle Location 43 – 60).

Also, she expresses the journey inside yourself in Where are you going? Journey deep inside yourself, explore, taste, contemplate, rest. Be!

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In You are Two we discover that we are two sides of the same coin. For example: Right and left, rain that feeds the garden or drowns your dreams, the sun growing your food or drying your soul. Working towards your goal or running away from it…

It appears as if the author is struggling to make sense of what is going on in the world, to find faith and God. Especially the virus that caused so much death and havoc. As seen in The Virus and Your Dying Gift. Although this is also hinted at in Know Thy God with phrases like take away the freedom of our homes, potentially referring to the enforced quarantine in many countries.

What did I like?

I really like this anthology of poems. They are best appreciated by reading it aloud, to enjoy the rhythm and their almost sing-song quality. She accomplishes this by the specific structure used.

The author does not make use of many of the typical tools like rhyme, alliteration, etc.

The author achieves a rhythmic quality through the different lengths of the sentences and verses.

I was impressed with the depth of these poems. Thoughts and feelings expressed in these poems, let you think and re-think the subject or theme of the theme.

And not so much?

I must not be a critical reader, so I always struggle with this part. Since this is my first review of an anthology of poems, I am taking a rain check on this one! 🙄

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Should you read Before You Go: Frozen Marshmallows?

I would recommend this anthology to anyone who loves to read poetry for pure enjoyment, but also being challenged by the content.

You also receive a bonus book TiME as a thank you gift from the author.

Ideal to read one a day, while quietly relaxing with a cup of tea (or coffee if you wish!)

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