Authors: discover why do passionate readers love you?


I’ve been reading for as long as I can remember.

We were a family of readers. Every Friday, when Dad came home from work, we all went to the library. Even though we could borrow our books for two weeks, we were there every Friday!

I’ve lost myself in so many novels, and I can’t even remember them all. But I will always find another book, another story, another world to lose myself in.

Those were the times when you read ‘real’ books! It was a physical item you hold, and you turn every single page yourself. Oh, and that delightful smell of a new book.

Even though I know an author is a person, it never registered in my mind. To me, an author ranked a little higher than ordinary human beings. Someone far away, somehow living on a different planet. Unreachable like a star…

I admire authors. Now that I am a writer myself, I discover how hard writing can be. To research, gather information, and writing it all in your own words. It somehow feels easier, because after all, with the internet it is all there at your fingertips.

Writing a novel is on an entirely different level. The author has to invent a whole world and so many characters. And then pull them all together in a narrative that draws you in and holds you there until the very end.

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Some authors write on the fly; others sit down and plan every part of their book. And some take their dreams and weave them into a narrative that takes your breath away.

But they do it; they use their magic to let us experience how they taste life twice. First in the moment, and then again in retrospect.

Writing makes me think of how God created the world. He only had to speak, and it came into existence. Writers are like that too.

When they speak (write) their words, a whole new world comes into being. Although not in a physical way, but in the mind and imagination of their readers.

I admire authors. And I am happy that in this age of technology and social media, I can get to know authors. And when I realise that you are an ordinary person like me, it makes what you do even more awesome!

Every writer has followers. For every person that hates your book, there will be another raving fan. The point is, every writer has a story to tell, and there is someone out there that needs to read it.

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And even if nobody reads it, do it for yourself. Because you are a writer, and that is what you do!

Authors, I salute you!

Hi! I am Susan

Welcome to my adventure

Why Read or Rot?

I have started reading at the age of four. I can remember how I often read under the covers with a flashlight when I was supposed to sleep.

During my early school years, we visited the library once a week. I couldn’t pick out my new book fast enough! By the end of the period, I would have finished it already, leaving me with nothing to read for the rest of the week!

Growing up, Fridays was the highlight of my week. Dad would pack the whole family into the car, and off we go! You guessed right – to the library! We were a family of readers.

In my adult years, I’ve developed a variety of interests like technology, photography, gardening and even writing. But reading was and will always be a part of my life!

Reading for me is like breathing. If I cannot read, my soul will quietly rot away

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