A Time for Violence- An Anthology


A Time for Violence explores violence in its many forms, as well as what drives people to use it.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

So why violence then? Well,  A Time for Violence was a cool title, which was where it began. But beyond that, it’s a simple theme that inspires edgy, transgressive material. And at the end of the day, that was the real theme  — edginess and transgression.  

Anthology. A Time For Violence 6 x 9 v6.5 Caliber Mobi Creation (Kindle Locations 23-25). Close To The Bone. Kindle Edition.
Book Cover A Time for Violence

Short story anthologies became popular in the eighties and were sold in supermarkets. It was riding the wave of the paperback horror boom. The starting point for this trend was the increasingly popular books of Stephen King. 

You might remember Night Visions and Shadows from that period. The A Time for Violence anthology aims to honour the many exceptional short story collections from times past. 

Andy Raush and Christ Roy edited the anthology. 

The A Time for Violence Stories

Authors brief

The anthology features a selection of short stories, with the topic ‘Violence’ in one form or another. It gives different author’s take on violence: its many forms and explores the motivations and urges that drives people to be violent to others. 

The authors were tasked to write a story involving horror and crime. Although these stories are all so much different, each of them showcases a talented author. We can see the vast differences in perception that the various authors have on the same topic through these stories.

Intriguing premises

We found some intriguing premises in these stories. A man who kills his brother for threatening his family. A robbery going south with the death of the robber. Only for the supposed cop to turn around and robs the store. And a criminal gang trying to take out a cop, leading to a blood bath. Two men trying to rob the same store, ending up in a Western-style shootout, killing each other.

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It also features stories about the mob, assassins, and racism. And the surprising twist of a man stalking a woman, becoming the victim himself. There is also the story of the vigilante meeting out justice on the streets and having to face that his age might force him to retire.

I’ve enjoyed the amusing story of the war against the mice in the garage. It all started when they chewed through the wiring of the man’s beloved Mustang. It leads to a paranoid thought that the mice are out to kill him. His instruments of war are efficient at killing some of them, but will he be able to win this war?

What did I like?

The story that stood out for me is the one by author Stephen Spignesi.  The events in the story are even more horrible to comprehend since it is based on a true story.

It deals with slavery, and the cruel punishment slaves would receive for even the slightest transgressions. But the worst for me is that they have been denied any type of education. Just looking at a book or trying to read lead to harsh punishment.

Slaves were forbidden to read or write, and most masters looked upon infractions of this rule as a severe offence meriting harsh punishment, usually by flogging.  No slave was safe. 

Anthology. A Time For Violence 6 x 9 v6.5 Caliber Mobi Creation (Kindle Locations 3834-3836). Close To The Bone. Kindle Edition. 

But then, this is the exact method used through the ages to control and oppress people. 

And not so much?

A Time for Violence is a collection of dark and gritty stories. Due to the nature of the topic, it features deity swears, profanity, and graphic violence. Not a book for sensitive readers.

Should you read A Time for Violence

The collection features many great stories, with different takes and perspectives on violence. They are extraordinary, with many unexpected twists and turns. So many people, so many different perspectives. It is a diverse collection with unusual storylines. Definitely worth reading. Although, due to the nature of the topic, it won’t appeal to everyone.

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I recommend this collection to people who enjoy thrillers, crime and horror novels and are looking for a short story collection in these genres. Either to read as a whole or one story at a time when you need to kill some time.

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All of us will be exposed to violence, with the resulting trauma in our lifetime. Whether it is a violent crime like a burglary or hijacking, or closer to home in the form of abuse. What advise can you give to victims of violence on how to cope with the resulting trauma? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments?

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6 May 2017

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Trigger Warnings: Euthanasia | Marital Violence | Sexual References | Profanity

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