10 little frogs by Jason Travis

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10 little frogs teach young children about deduction and the numbers one to ten in a fun way. 

I received an advance review copy for free, leaving this review voluntarily.

Each little frog, sitting on a log, 

magically transformed to all their glory.

Ten little frogs, sitting on a log, this is their story.

10 little frogs by Jason Travis (pg. 1)
Book Cover Ten little frogs by Jason Travis.

Jason Travis lives in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania, with his wife and young daughter.

He finds his inspiration from his 4-year old daughter, and his brother Shaun is the illustrator.

Jason published his first book, 10 little frogs, a humorous picture book to teach kids about numbers and deduction, in March 2021.

About the author

10 little frogs – Summary

Ten little frogs saw a shooting star, and each got their wish. It is the story of their adventures, which they share when they get together at the end of the day. 

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My take on 10 little frogs

This adorable story will teach your kiddo about the numbers one to ten in a fun way. It clearly displays the numbers on every page, and every frog holds a little board with a number, showing kids how to count from one to ten. 

As each frog leaves on their adventure, the number reduces, showing them how to count backwards from ten to one. And it is a simple way to teach them about deduction.

  • let them count all ten frogs sitting on a log.
  • show them how one frog leaves.
  • let them count again to see how many frogs are left?
  • ask them: 10 – 9 = ?
  • continue in this way through the book until the end.

Should you get Ten little frogs for your child?

10 little frogs is a great book to teach young children numbers and deduction. Your kiddos will enjoy the simple and often funny illustrations and the very un-frog like adventures

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They will learn new words like bog, gong, and pose. And enjoy the ribbit-ribbit-ribbit sound of the frogs repeated throughout the story. Soon they will recognize and read this word with you.

This amazing book is for children up to 4 years old, but please remember that it is always best to get the physical book for this age group. 

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Which of the adventures in the book did your child enjoy the most? We would love to hear from you. Please share with us in the comments?

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