I hope that the books I love will also become the books you love❣

We all get our days that we just can’t seem to find the right book to read. As if nothing really appeals to you. On this page, I aim to post the books I’ve really enjoyed reading.

Fast-paced thrillers. Heart-beating suspense. End of your seat action. Will they get the villain crime novels? True stories. And even non-fiction books I’ve found helpful.


Rogue by J.B. Turner

Thriller | Assassination Thrillers | Political Thrillers & Suspense

Nathan Stone is a trained undercover operative. After his death, he becomes a black-ops agent for The Commission.

He is sent to assassinate a target. But what will he do when he realizes that the order has been given for him to be terminated?

The hunted goes on a hunt to find the one who has betrayed him.

A fast-moving action thriller that will keep you turning the pages until the very end!

Against Her Will by Peter Martin

A Gripping Psychological Suspense Novel

Raped and brutally beaten. Will Donna be able to move from victim to survivor!

This is a difficult topic that not all people would like to read about. But I still love this book as it is well-written – allowing the reader to climb in Donna’s head – sharing her fear, shame, and thoughts.

After a failed suicide attempt, she is admitted to a mental institution for treatment. Here she meets Evan, who saved her from jumping from the top of the building.

Due to his patience and gentleness, Donna agrees to marry him. But will her new husband turn out to be her rapist?

The Imperial Alchemist by A.H Wang

History of Central Asia | Religious Mysteries | Asian Literature

Books I Love! Book Cover of The Imperial Alchemist (Georgia Lee Book 1) by [A. H. Wang]

Archaeological suspense and adventure are my favourite genre. I always have been a huge fan of Clive Cussler and have read many books from various authors in this genre!

Imagine finding the elixir of life – giving you the ability to heal from injuries instantly and become immortal!

This is exactly the quest that Georgia is sent on. But finding the cave with the water of life, she realizes that she has be cleverly manipulated. Will she be able to escape alive?

An intriguing story with well-rounded characters and many plot twists. It will keep you turning the pages to the very end!

The Milestone Protocol by Ernest Dempsey

Historical Thrillers | Travel Adventure | Men’s Adventure

The Milestone Protocol: A Sean Wyatt Archaeological Thriller (Sean Wyatt Adventure Book 20)

Ernest Dempsey never disappoints. Once again Sean, Tommy and their partners are in a race against time to save the world.

Never knowing that their greatest benefactor will turn out to be their enemy!

For many years, a shadow cult has been manipulating major world events, wars, and leaders. All because of their misguided belief that they are saving mankind from themselves.

Now they are aiming for the ultimate culling of humanity.

Will Sean be able to stop them in time?

The Cure by K.J Kalis

An addictive medical thriller

The Cure: An Addictive Medical Thriller (Kat Beckman Book 1) by [K. J. Kalis]

Imagine if there was a cure for cancer. How far would you go and what price will you pay to obtain this cure for someone close to you with this horrible disease?

Will Kat be prepared to betray her country to save Laura?

Will she be able to win the race against time to bring down this secret information trading company before it is too late?

Solomon: One Dog’s Improbable, Two-year, Thousand-mile Journey to Find Home by Gail Gilmore

Follow this brave dogs journey to his forever home.

Solomon: One Dog's Improbable, Two-year, Thousand-mile Journey to Find Home by [Gail Gilmore]

Solomon is a dog unlike any other. Willful and courageous, he will avoid all the traps from well-meaning people to recover him and find him a good home.

His journey of two years and 1000 miles takes him through three sides. He needs to find his forever home himself and act on his longing to live with a pack.

Follow Solomon on his journey, experience his fears and battle for survival, and celebrate his joy when finding his forever home.

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