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Reading for me is like breathing. If I cannot read, my soul will quietly rot away….

I am horrified to think that reading may become a dying art. It is why I want to help parents with my blog to raise a reader. Check out my articles about early childhood and language development and recommendations for children books and educational resources.

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Author’s Thoughts


Thank you so much for your thorough review! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that everything I was trying to convey in my book came through on the page.

You summarized it perfectly and gave such a wonderful depiction of the reader’s experience! You are a talented reviewer and I’m so grateful you wanted to review my book! Thank you so much!

S.A. Sebuchi

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thank you so much for preparing the feature! I love the style of it btw, where you interject with your thoughts on the answers – it’s a really nice touch.

Benjamin Cross


Hi Susan, what a lovely review! You’ve cleverly highlighted all the areas of jeopardy and tension as well as humour and friendship. I’m so delighted you enjoyed the book.

It’s such a thrill to receive feedback on my novel.

Gail Aldwin

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