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Reading for me is like breathing. If I cannot read, my soul will quietly rot away….

I am horrified to think that reading may become a dying art. It is why I want to help parents with my blog to raise a reader. Check out my articles about early childhood and language development and recommendations for children books and educational resources.

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Enjoy your time here, and I hope to see you back here again soon!

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  • Let’s Celebrate being Different by Lainey Dee
    Let’s Celebrate being Different teaches kiddos that it is OK to be different. ‘Grandmother, how come I don’t look like you?’ asked Todd quietly. ‘I’ve got the head of a bird, the body of a bear and the feet of a tiger.’ Let’s Celebrate being Different, pg. 8 Lainey Dee was born in Birmingham and grew up […]
  • Book Nook: The Ultimate Guide to Setting up Yours
    Many of you already have a reading nook,but do you know what is a book nook? In this guest post, Elizabeth Shields introduces us to the wonderful world of book nooks! A huge thank you to Elizabeth for her thorough and insightful post! If you are a book lover, walking into a library and looking […]
  • Limitless Me by Brittaney Scott
    Limitless Me – A Wonderful Tale of Overcoming Fear Reviewed by Susan van der Walt for Readers’ Favorite In Limitless Me, Brittany Scott introduces us to Faye. She wants to be a Broadway star one day, but she has a problem. Although Faye likes herself, she fears rejection. When challenged with auditioning for the school play or […]
  • Frankie’s Wish: A Wander in the Wonder by Once Upon A Dance
    Frankie’s Wish: A Wander in the Wonder: an interactive dance book for children aged four to seven. People told tales of a magic feather hidden on the island to the east. The stories claimed the feather would grant one birthday wish to anyone who found it. Today was Frankie’s special day, and Frankie’s wish was […]
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