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Working more than five years in creative media production, Trudie is a publishing enthusiast and lifelong student who earned her Master of Arts degree from DePaul University. She has experience in writing, editing, acquisitions, design, print production, project and traffic management, copyright compliance, and more. For her work, she’s traveled from Orange County to Long Island, had dinner with a former President of Costa Rica, and made countless memories along the way. She speaks ein bisschen Deutsch and is learning how to sail. Check out “Books Without Borders” for more on her beliefs and approach toward reading and publishing or view her DePaul profile for more on her academic achievements. She can be reached via email to tlgauerke at yahoo dot com or by leaving a comment on this blog.

Why “Read or Rot”?

Even “The First American,” Ben Franklin, found it necessary to schedule time to read. Try measuring your activities in small increments of time on a typical day. (I found that using an oven timer to schedule tasks helps me gain focus). The typical American rots in front of the tv thirty-five hours a week according to last year’s Philadelphia Inquirer report on an A.C. Nielsen survey–that’s nearly a full-time job. By choosing reading over rotting just two hours a week, the average reader could finish seventeen books a year. Here are some suggestions related to balancing your time to get you started:

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